Sunday September 24, 2023
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Dress Code


Beige/white Jodhpurs or breeches 
White/Light Blue shirt with pony club tie (long or short sleeved) or navy blue pony club polo shirt/sweatshirts (no hoodies)
Hacking jackets or a dark navy/black jacket (no hoods)
Hairnets MUST be worn even if hair is tied back
Gloves may be worn but only black, brown or white (compulsory in dressage)
Standard riding boots or jodhpur boots and half chaps (same colour as boot, no fringesor tassels) must be worn (Black or Brown). No other footwear including wellies, muckers, country boots etc. NO boots with interlocking mechanism are allowed. 
Hats MUST be worn at all times when mounted and must be to the correct standard (See rules page for info)
Body protectors can be worn (compulsory for X Country and Pony racing) and must be to the correct standard (see rules page for info)
Whips can be used but must run to the correct length- jumping no longer than 75cm and flatwork to not interfere with the horse
Spurs can be used but if used incorrectly these can be removed by the discretion of the instructor. They cannot be longer than 4cm in length!


Saddles to be made of suitable material and only brown or black in colour
Bridles must be brown or black and ideally no sparkle! 
Bits should run in accordance with the rules for the discipline in which you are participating in. 
Numnahs/saddle pads MUST be plain Black/brown/navy/white in colour. No brands/logos or any writing except ones with EEHPC on them. 
Stirrup irons must allow a fingers width either side of the foot when placed correctly in the stirrup. No treads in which the boots interlock into are allowed!
Girth’s can be synthetic or leather (brown, black or white). NO HUMANE GIRTHS IN ANY DISCIPLINE WITHIN PONY CLUB!!! See photo below to show what it looks like