Thursday May 23, 2019

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The East Essex hosted the second round of the Dengie Dressage Competition  at Finchingfield Equestrian Centre on 24th March, in beautiful sunshine.

As well as the Qualifiers for the Dengie Championships at Novice, Intermediate and Open levels there were classes for all abilities from lead rein Walk and Trot to Open level.

The Dengie representatives came along with their weighbridge and lots of people took their horses along to them for feeding advice.

East Essex Members did really well with Charlotte Lane,  Izzy Lane and Georgie Bray all qualifying for the Championships.    Ruby Payne,  Amy Way, Natalie Newman, Hattie Waugh and Evie Mitchell all won their non-qualifying classes:



Walk and Trot Lead Rein

1st  Jemima Rutland


Walk and Trot 12 and Under

1st Ruby Payne​​​ East Essex

2nd Ella Sutherland​​ N & T

3rd Charlie Rutland

4th Sophia Shultz​​

5th Poppy Gibson​​ East Essex

Pony Club Introductory Test

1st Natalie Newman​​ East Essex

2nd Dawn Moffat

3rd Tanaka Mutswunguma​ East Essex

4th Ava Lee ​​​East Essex  ​​


Pony Club C Level Test 12 and Under

1st Naomi Sutherland​​ N & T

2nd Emily Woods​​ East Essex

3rd Pippa Cornwell ​​East Essex

4th Ruby Payne​​​ East Essex

5th Tanaka Mutswumguma​ East Essex

Pony Club Level C 12 and Over

1st Amy Way​​​East Essex

2nd Nicholas Grice​​East Essex



1st Hattie Waugh​​ East Essex

2nd Alexandra Cotton​​ Suffolk

3rd Poly Flin​​​ East Essex

4th Gracie Flin​​​ East Essex

5th Isabelle Cotton​​ Suffolk



1st Charlotte Lane​​ East Essex

2nd Charlotte Cook​​ Essex Hunt North Q

3rd Grace Kirwin​​​Essex Hunt North Q

4th Alexia Mackley​​Essex Hunt North

5th Daisy Hart​​​ Puckeridge             Q


PONY CLUB 100 Eventing Test

1st Florrie Gregg Pettit​​ Suffolk

2nd Evie Mitchell​​ East Essex

3rd  Sydney Hockney​​ East Essex

4th  Zara Barber​​​ Suffolk

5th Jack Speakman​​ East Essex


1st Alexia Mackley​​ Essex Hunt North  Q

2nd Nikki Hart​​​ Soham​​      Q​

3rd Charlotte Lane​​ East Essex​      Q

4th Annabel Cuthbert​​ N & T

5th Phoebe Prideaux​​ Suffolk



1st Evie Mitchell​​​ East Essex

2nd Georgie Bray  East Essex

3rd Julia Studholm​​ Essex Hunt North

4th Nicola Taylor​ Littleport

5th Jack Speakman​​ East Essex



1st Anna Czylock​​​ CHPC​                     Q

2nd Georgie Bray​​  East Essex​       Q

3rd Izzy Lane​​​  East Essex ​       Q​

4th Nicola Taylor​​  Littleport

5th Lucinda May​   East Essex


Area Dressage is 13th July 2019

Landrover Dressage is 9th June 2019


Please conatct Jess Woods for and dressage information



Intermediate Area Dressage.

Summer Wright, Izzy Oakley, Hettie Meadows and Kiah Wright