Tuesday January 22, 2019
Eventing / Cross Country

Area Landrover Eventing (80cm) 20th July 2019 

Area Eventing 90 & 1m 21st July 2019

Calvert Cup 23rd June 2019




For those of you who have not competed for your pony club before, here is an explanation of how it works.

The UK is divided up into areas, we are area 8, and within that area there are all the individual pony clubs who compete against each other in Area competitions for a coveted place at the National Championships in August.

Our Eventing Area Trials have 3 levels, Open 1.10 m, Intermediate 1.00 and Novice which is 90cm.

We can enter teams of 4 with the best 3 scores to count and 1,2 or 3 teams can qualify for the championships depending on how many entries there are in each level.

We have area competitions for dressage and show jumping disciplines too and they are on a different days at a different venues.

So if you are keen to compete for your pony club, look up local one day events and try and get some practise in, there will be several coming up in different pony clubs so keep an eye on horsedates to get some practise in.

15th July 2018 Area Eventing Gt. Witchingham

14th August 2018 Bloom Cup & Grassroots Eventing WNPC Geldeston Hall NR34 0LP

Eventing rule book: http://www.pcuk.org/uploads/eventing/Eventing_Rules_2015.pdf