Saturday June 3, 2023
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East Essex Pony Club (EEPC) take the protection of the data we hold about you as a member seriously and are committed to respecting your privacy.  EEPC uses the information provided in order to be able to operate as a Branch of the Pony Club providing activities to its members, e.g. events such as rallies, camps, training for tests and competitions.  The full privacy policy may be found here

By signing up to the Pony Club the following Membership Terms and Conditions apply:


Membership Terms and Conditions

I understand that The Pony Club will:

not share my personal information with a third party for the purposes of them contacting me directly.
share some personal information with its partners for data analysis/research and development purposes. Any organisation that personal information is shared with will have to comply with the requirements laid out under the General Data Protection Regulation for handling personal data.
use the personal data I provide for its registered purposes and as outlined in the privacy policy on The Pony Club website at