Saturday September 23, 2023
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Endurance Rides:
Sotterley              19th March
Ford End              14th May
Kings Forest        3rd/4th June
Lavenham            24th June
Poplar Park         22nd October

Contact: Jo Beckingsale 07973 728594

If you would like to compete in Endurance events, it is free for PC members to become an Endurance GB member. You also NEED an Endurance Master Card – please contact me, so I can order direct from PC Head office. Your mastercard is your record of miles achieved and will count towards Mileage Achievements.

To find out more about Pony Club endurance click here:

(Link to PCUK endurance page:)

To find local Endurance events run by ICENI group click here:

The Great Pony Club Hacking Challenge

·        Costs £5 to enter – this is per MEMBER, not per horse/combination so members who have/ride multiple ponies would only need to enter once. This lasts for 12 months from date of payment.

·        Prizes and certificates awarded at 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 miles.

·        They can track their hacks on apps such as Equilab and then record/write them down on the PC Tracker (on the website), and then submit this when the milestones are reached.

·        At the end of each month, individual and Branch/Centre leader boards are posted on the webpage. How this works – York and Ainsty South for example have 4 members taking part; some have submitted 25 miles, a couple submitted 50 miles and all together, they’ve achieved a total of 225 miles putting them in 2nd place. Branches can encourage their members to sign up and get them high up on the Leader Board (well done to Western Hunt, Area 16 in the lead at the moment).

·        ANY RIDE outside of the arena can count. This is an initiative to get members out and about on their horse/ponies. Members can track cross country schooling, gallops, beach rides, organised pleasure rides, trail hunting, boxing up for a hack or just hacking from home! As long as it’s outside of the arena fence, it counts.


Intro to Endurance CPD – for Coaches, members, parents, DCs etc

This is a CPD which will explain how to get started in Pony Club Endurance and explains how members can take part either through Pony Club, or with Endurance GB but representing Pony Club. The last one was held on 2nd February and sold out. The feedback was very positive from coaches, volunteers, and members. It’s lead by Amanda Barton who is on the PC Endurance committee and is a specific Endurance coach too. This counts as a PC CPD so great for coaches who still need to do theirs this year.


Endurance riding is for all Pony Club members aged 5 years and over. The rides are generally held in areas of parkland or on fields and tracks to which you would normally not have access. Whilst some endurance competitions cover long distances, Pony Club classes start at rides of approximately one hour, and if you ride regularly including some canter work these will be suitable for you. If you are already doing pleasure rides and enjoying them this could be for you.
Rides are organised by Pony Club Branches or Endurance GB. You can enter to ride with friends or go alone. Those under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult – ride organisers can often help find someone for you to ride with. You should write “Pony Club” at the top of your entry form. Prior to the event you will receive a map, showing the route, and crew gates, which will enable you to plan when you should aim to reach these, in order to finish the ride in the allotted time. Your helper can meet you at the crew gates with water for your pony and a drink and snack for you. It is important that you and your pony stay hydrated.
On the day you lodge your “Mastercard” (available from Glennis) with the secretary. At longer rides, you should then take your pony to be checked by the farrier, if there is one – get him to sign your vet sheet – and then to the vet who will check your pony’s heart rate and watch him trot up. You can then proceed to the start at the time you have been given. When you complete the ride you have 30 minutes to wash down and cool your pony off before presenting him to the vet for another heart rate check and trot up. If you pass this and have finished in the required time you will receive your completion rosette.
If you complete 3 rides of the right distance, at the correct speed you will qualify for the Championships.
Further details on endurance can be found on the main Pony Club website and if you are entering any classes this year please contact Glennis

Below: some of our members taking part in an Endurance ride