Tuesday January 22, 2019

Area SJ is 14th July 2019

Landrover SJ 

Please contact Claire May for any Information ednclaire@hotmail.com



A huge well done to Sam Wisbey who won the Showjumping Rider Pathway this year

  There are only two from each discipline who get selected for this every year.  Rather an achievement!!
sam 2


Our Open Showjumping Team this year came 5th at The Champs


Roisin Foster, Sophie Sexton, Alicia Wilkinson 5th at the champs open show jumping with team of three and deep going!

Our Intermediate Showjumping Team at Champs this year placed 7th

Liv Aulton, Izzy Oakley, Hettie Meadows and Sam Wisbey