Sunday December 4, 2022
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* Times for Rallies *

Combined Rally
December 11th at Frenches Farm

Everyone will have a 15 minute gap before jumping so they can change tack if needed. 
Normal rally dress code. Coats are welcome but NO HOODS PLEASE

NB: * = These members are Show Jumping only so need to warm up 15mins before their group start jumping

Dress 9.00-9.45/ SJ 10.00-10.45

Jess R
Maisie C
Lucy P
*Lois C – 9.45 SJ warm up

Dress 9.45- 10.30/SJ 10.45- 11.30

Luke H
Sophie B
Jasmin MD
*Isabelle R- 10.30 SJ warm up

Dress 10.30- 11.15/ SJ 11.30-12.15

Poppy G
Harry G
Sky k
*Cody c- 10.15 SJ warm up

Dress11.30-12.15/ SJ 12.30-1.15

Alexa W
Daisy T
Kiera P

Dress 12.15- 1.00/ SJ 1.15- 2.00

Alastair D
Bethanie C
Ava T
Katie P
Emily W

Dress 1.00-1.45/ SJ 2.00-.2.45

Neive R
Florence E
Tilly R
*Eliza H – 1.45 sj warm up