Wednesday August 12, 2020
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* Times for Rallies *

Times for Junior Rally – 14/08/2020

Group 1: 10:30-11am

Rosie G

Velvet T

Group 2: 11-11:45am

Maisie C

Katie P

Connie W

Group 3: 11:45-12:15pm

Sydney H

Florence R

Group 4: 12:15-1pm

Poppy G

Nancy G

Paiten F

Group 5: 1-2pm

Harry G

Ava G

Emily G

Xanthe F

Times for XC Rally – 15/08/2020

Group 1: 10-11:30am

Charlie W

Lizzie W

Gracie F

Polly F

Group 2: 11:30- 1pm

Harry B

Henry B

Isabella P

Group 3: 1:30-3pm

Sam T

Harry G

Ava G

Isabelle R

Group 4: 3-4:30pm

Jasmine McD

Lara T

Charlotte W

Please make sure you wear back protectors, and riding hats must not have a fixed peak. Horses will need leg protection all round.

Water is available at the tap near the barn and toilets will be open.  There are hand sanitizing gels on the gates , water tap and toilets 
Parking must be 10 metre apart.
Please pick up all horse droppings and take your rubbish home with you.
Please bring your own hand sanitiser.
Telephone number on the day will be 07841626360.