Thursday May 23, 2019

C+ Test
There are still places available on the C+ Test to be held on Monday 22 nd October.
To take this test you must be a competent rider, 13 years of age or over and hold your C Test and
Road Rider Badge or the BHS Road Test. The test is split into two sections, Riding and Care.
The test will take place at Bowles Farm, Ridgewell commencing at 10. a.m.
The syllabus can be found on the main Pony Club website on the tests page.
If you would like to know more before booking please contact Jackie.
Cost £35 Please book on web-collect.

C+ Test Training
We will be holding three Training sessions for those wishing to take their C+ Test this autumn.
They will all be at Bowles Farm, Ridgewell, CO9 4RP fro, 10.30 a.m. on the following dates.
Sunday 7th October
Sunday 14th October
Sunday 21st October
The sessions will cover the ridden requirements of the test and a session for the Care element.
You should bring the horse you intend to ride at the test (If you need to bring a substitute please let
us know. )
Whilst we encourage members to take the whole test it is possible to do one section only, which will
be of help to anyone who is between horses or whose horse is out of action. Please let us know if
you would like to do this.
Cost £30 to cover all three sessions. Please book on web-collect.


C TEST – Green Felt
Sunday, 18 th November
Start at 10.a.m.
At Bowles Farm, Ridgewell, CO9 4RP
This test is for all those who are 11 years of age and over who already hold their D+ Test.
There are two sections for this test, Riding and Care. For the riding you must be competent to ride in
the open at walk trot and canter. You will be required to ride up and down a hill in walk and trot.
You should know about changing diagonals and will be asked to ride for a short time without
stirrups. You will be expected to jump some small jumps.
For the Care part of the test we will be offering two sessions of training, which you are advised to
attend where possible. These are on the 13 th October and 25 th October and should be booked on
web-collect separately.
The full syllabus can be found on the PCUK.Org website on the tests page.
If you have any queries please ask Jackie.
Cost £10 please book through web-collect


This year we will be offering members the opportunity to take the following Senior Tests:


C+ for those of 13 years and above who already hold their C Test and the Road Rider Achievement Badge or the BHS Ride Safe Test.

This test will be held on Friday, 3rd August. Full training will be offered.  If you wish to take this test this year please keep 3rd August free as it may be your only opportunity.

Full details of training and booking will be available shortly.


B  TEST   This test is open to  those who are 14 years of age and above and who already hold their C+ Test.  Full training will be offered.

This is currently scheduled for the end of August, although I am waiting for confirmation of the date.

Full details and  booking will be available shortly.


AH TEST  This test is open to those who are 16 years of age and above (recommended minimum age 17 yrs) and who hold their B Test and their Lunging Test (see below).

Training will be offered and full details will be available shortly.


A  TEST –  This test is open to those who hold their AH Test.


LUNGING – This test is open to those of 15 years and above who hold their B Test and must be taken before the AH Test.


Information on the syllabusof all these tests can be found by Googling  pcuk.orgtests.


Some members have already completed application forms for these tests other eligible members may still apply.

Further information on training and other requirements from Jackie.



Tuesday, 29 th May at Claverings, Greenstead Green. From 10.00 a.m. a.m. until approximately
This badge forms part of the Pony Club Test programme and should be taken after the D+ test and
MUST BE TAKEN BEFORE the C Test. ( Please note members cannot move up the test ladder
without this badge)
The morning will begin with an un-mounted session covering the importance of “Be Safe be Seen” ,
how to conduct yourself on the road, hand signals and dealing with hazards.
This will be followed by a mounted session where you will ride on a simulated road route and put
into practice what you have learned earlier.
You will not be required to ride on the public road, the test will be conducted in a safe environment
in an arena.
£10 per rider
10 spaces.

If you are unsure if this is the correct test for you please contact Jackie

Please try to keep up to date with your tests, it is helpful when placing you in rides for rallies and

  We offer members the opportunity to train for and take all tests from “E” to “A”.


The Ride Safe Test is open to all members 11 years and over. This is an essential test to have for those aiming to take BHS teaching exams in the future. If you take this test you will not need to take the Road Rider Badge.


lunging test (1)

Lucy Stammers Passing her lunging Test