Thursday May 23, 2019
Triathlon / Tetrathlon
The next shooting practice is on ………..
Stacey Cummings is happy to run these regularly or when requested if they would like to email me on  so she can organise something to fit around everyone’s schedules.
Please contact Stacey Cummings 07539 833049 

For competitions go to area 8 Tet Diary 

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Pony Club Tetrathlon provides members with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability!  A tetrathlon competition comprises: shooting, swimming, running and a cross country riding phase.  There are 6 levels of competition.

Class Age Shoot Swim Run Ride
Open Boys 21 & Under 10m – turning targets 4 mins 3000m 3ft 3 100cm
Open Girls 21 & Under 10m – turning targets 3mins 1500m 3ft 3  100cm
Intermediate Boys 21 & Under 10m –  turning targets 3mins 2000m 3ft 3 Max 100cm
Intermediate Girls 21 & Under 10m –  turning targets 3mins 1500m 3ft 3 Max 100cm
Junior Girls/Boys 14 & Under 7m –turning targets 3mins 1500m 3ft Max 90cm
Class Age Shoot Swim Run Ride
Minimus Boys/Girls 11 & Under 7m –2 handed 2mins 1000m 2ft 6 – 80cm
Tadpole Boys/Girls 9 & under 7m –2 handed 2mins 1000m 2ft  – 60cm
Beanies Boys/Girls Under 8 Bean Bag/ Target 1min 30secs 750m 1ft – 1ft6  30-40cm

SHOOTING takes place in groups (details) and it is a Pony Club rule that you must be 8 YEARS OR OVER on the date of the competition/practice to participate. The EEHPC owns a number of pistols, which are available to borrow for competitions and to use to practice with along with the targets. (Competitors who are under 8 have the opportunity to compete by throwing Velcro Bean Bags at targets!)


SWIMMING is done in heats, and the organisers always try and put swimmers of similar standards together, and you score points according to how far you swim in a certain time – many of the ‘Minnows’ are in arm bands


RUNNING is usually done individually with runners being sent off 1 minute intervals over a carefully marked course.


RIDING is over a cross country course which should include some easier ‘L’ alternatives, a gate to open and shut whilst mounted and a slip rail where you dismount, take the slip rail down, lead your pony through, put the rail back up and get back on – there is a handy straw bale mounting blocks for all to use if needed!  In the winter there are a number of Pony Club Triathlon (no riding) competitions. There are always team classes at these events so, if you enter, please let me know so that you can be included in a EEHPC team.

You do not have to be good at all of the phases to take part – the main aim of Tetrathlon is to have a fun and happy time competing with your friends.

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Tetrathlon Rules: