Monday September 27, 2021
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For details about training, competition dates and news of results click on each of the individual disciplines in the sub-menu. There are also contact details for the organiser(s) of each of the disciplines.

Entering competitions

Please speak to a team manager when you feel you are ready to compete on behalf of the club. The team manager will send you an up to date list of events in that discipline and as they become available the schedule and entry form. Please try to act as soon as you are sent these schedules as pony club competitions are very popular and fill up quickly.

Area competitions

Each year an area (we are in area 11 which covers Kent and parts of Sussex and Surrey) will have a competition (which is only open to pony club members) between all the branches in all of the disciplines. It is very prestigious to ride for your branch in an area competition and you could either be asked to ride in a team or as an individual. These annual competitions usually take place during July and August, however, the area horse and pony competition usually takes place in the spring. Each year the branch running each area competition in a discipline may change so that the venue may be closer or further away from your branch. If you are successful at the area competition you will qualify for the pony club championships held in August each year.