Monday September 27, 2021
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SWIM,SHOOT & RUN – 17th July 2021 

RUN – Start 2.00 pm

Beanies Start Time 2.00 pm

Beanies will run individually in number order

All other classes will run in groups (number order)

Open Boys Class 1 – approx start time 2.20 pm

Open Girls Class 2 – approx start time 2.40 pm

Intermediate Boys Class 3 – approx.start time 2.50 pm

Intermediate Girls Class 4 – approx.start time 3.00pm

Junior Boys Class 5 – approx.start time 3.20 pm

Junior Girls Class 6 – approx.start time 3.30 pm

Mini Boys Class 7 – approx. start time 3.50 pm

Mini Girls Class 8 – approx.start time 3.55 pm

Tadpole Boys Class 9 – approx. start time 4.05 pm

Tadpole Girls Class 10 – approx.start time 4.10 pm


PC AREA 11 Inter-Branch-Tetrathlon SHOOT LIVE R2

PC AREA 11 Inter-Branch-Tetrathlon SWIM LIVE

18th July – Ride starts at 10.00am runs in numerical order 


We will add more dates and information about any up and coming training and competitions as we receive them but do keep looking at the East Kent Hunt,Area 11 website and FB pages.


As rallies are now being run again,below are form you need to complete so that you can attend rallies moving forward. Any questions relating to the forms please contact the relevant rally organisor .

Pony club CovidEHV guidelines

Mini camp 24th-25th of July. Organiser Anita Head at Winkland Oaks Farm
Junior Camp 2nd-4th of August, Organiser Claire Carroll at Bigberry Equestrian Centre
Senior Camp 26th-29th of July Organiser Claire Stryzyk at Coldblow Equestrian Centre.
Camp forms and further information will be sent out in February 2021.
Our branch held a virtual AGM for our members we gave an update on the years events and here are some details of what we did manage to do this year despite the COVID restrictions well done to all our members and we wish you all a safe & happy Christmas & New Year and we hope that we will be able to resume more activities next year.
Review of Tet & Pony Racing Activities in 2020
Unfortunately we are unable to run any rallies at the moment we will update you as & when this changes.

East Kent Hunt Pony Club 100 Club

We are also always looking for new ways to raise money for our club as this helps to subsidise many of the activities that we do, and to pay for equipment and repairs, for example to the pony club show and cross country jumps that we use at lessons and events that we host. Last year approximately 50 members played each month and this raised nearly £500. A huge thank you to those who participated and congratulations to our winners.

Many new and existing players signed up for 2020 at the EKHPC AGM, and we shall be holding the January draw towards the end of this month, to allow others who would like to participate to register/sign up again. Remember, you have to be in it to win it!

A number in each monthly draw costs just £2.00/month preferrably payable annually by cheque (£24 for the year), or by monthly direct debit payable on the 1st of each month. If you would like to register, please include a separate cheque made payable to East Kent Hunt Pony Club with EKHPC 100 Club written on the back, along with your Pony Club membership renewal form and cheque, or drop me an email confirming that you have set up a monthly direct debit. Please make sure that you reference your direct debit with YOURSURNAME100CLUB Please note that only paid up members are entered in each monthly draw.