Sunday October 20, 2019
Pony Club Camps 2018

Last updated 01/09/18

Senior Camp 

This is for members of about 12yrs and over.

Senior camp is always early in the summer holidays and lasts for about 5 days. Members bring their ponies and stay for the whole camp. You sleep in a tent, caravan or horse lorry – its up to you. Ponies are mostly in pens although we have a few stables if you need one. During camp there will be lots of riding (of course!) and you will be responsible for looking after your pony, cleaning your tack and keeping the yard and your accommodation tidy. We hold competitions and there are various entertainments. Meals are provided by volunteer parents.Last years camp was at Otley College  which proved to be a very successful venue.

Junior Camp

This is for younger members.

Junior camp lasts for 4 days and is non-residential, although it is possible for the ponies to stay. It is also held at Paul’s farm at Sutton, a few days after senior camp. The activities are similar to those at senior camp but at a more novice level with more parental involvement.

Feel you’ve outgrown camps? Maybe these are for you….

For our older members (school year 11 and above) we hold some special rallies after exams at the end of the summer term. We invite specialist instructors to teach individual or small group lessons at a higher level in dressage, show jumping and cross country. You can do all of them or just select those you are more interested in.

You can book for camp through Webcollect.