Thursday December 7, 2023
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Report from Area Dressage 3rd and 4th July 21

Another lovely day for Easton – at the Dressage Grassroots areas. Although the weather was changeable the team of Phia Waterer, Alysha Bucknor, Lexi Foster, Harriet Woolnaugh and Eleanor Cox as an individual were all superstars.
The team was 5th and qualified, Phia was 3rd (2nd in the warm-up) with almost identical 76%s, Harriet was 5th ( 3rd in the warm-up), Lexi was 13th (6th in the warm-up) and Alysha was 10th. Eleanor was 14th and 6th in the warm-up. The standard was very high so for example Alysha was 10th on a 70% score. So a great day and a lovely group. Thanks to parents, Sally and Tina for warming them up. Good training Gill – they all smiled at the judge and rode the corners!
Day 2 of the the Area dressage and still the very unpredictable weather. In the open Emma Freeman came 6th and her mixed team came 2nd so they all qualified for the champs. Ada Marson was 7th and she was in a different mixed team which came 4th. Ada was also the in open novice and came 2nd and qualified. The Novice team of Lily Waterer, 7th Individual, Lucy Rigler, 7th Individual, Katie Rolph and Haydn Sykes ended 11th out of 21 teams which was very respectable. Eve Marson riding as an individual came 10th in her section. The standard was very high and they all rode really well against a number of pure dressage specialists. Thank you to Tina for being such a huge help over both days and also to Sally and the parents for a long day.

Report from Isleham SJ Friendly 20th June 21

Well we’ve had such an exciting day at the PC SJ at Isleham. It began with the Lubbocks breaking down and hitching a ride to Isleham with a kindly complete stranger.
Thomas Leggett did 2xClear in the 50 and then had 2×4 in the 60cm.
In the 70 the team of Eva Cranfield, Ruby Lubbock and Eleanor Cox WON the class with Eva taking 1st indiv and Ruby 2nd and the team of Alice Cranfield, Alysha Bucknor and Lexi Foster came 6th with Lexi coming 3rd indiv. Things didn’t go quite so well in the 80cm but Eleanor did a lovely 2xClear.
The team of Dulcie Wade, Haydn Sykes , Caitlin Pugh and Olivia Lubbock all rode very well in the 90cm coming 2nd as a team and Olivia won the class individually. Billie Howell did very well to get a very nappy Laddie round. The 1m team of Caitlin, Dulcie and Hay came 4th.
It was a long day so thanks to all parents for being so upbeat and bringing everyone and thanks to the Soham PC for a lovely event.
Sally and I towed home the Lubbock trailer so we left no one behind.
And the day was crowned by my youngster Max winning the Open 90cm with Mary Edmundson at Stratford Hills where Katie Rolph also won her 90cm with Lene 4th. Lucy Rigler had come 4th in the 100cm yesterday.
So a great weekend for the Easton. Well done all. Helena
Report from Houghton 31st May 21
It was exciting to be out again; the going was perfect and the sun was shining. The 80cm team of Lily Waterer, Lexie Foster, Ruby Lubbock and Eva Cranfield started the day off coming a brilliant 2nd out of 16 teams and they were only one of two teams finishing on 0 faults. The 90cm team of Caitlin Pugh, Jenna Calver, Charlotte Mann and Lily Waterer had a hard act to follow and they also came 2nd out 13 teams finishing on 0 faults plus well done to Jenna for coming 4th individually. The 1m team jumped competitively but didn’t quite have the same fortune. Well done to all. Many thanks to Tina Hazlem for all her help and advice and the parents for bring the horses, ponies and children and Liz for bringing Jenna. Sally
Dear All
Despite an unexpectedly lot of rain – which made for a very wet course walk and a slippery 90 cm class, – Houghton has been great fun. The team of Megan Rodwell, Charlotte Long, Dulcie Wade and Charlotte Butler didn’t come anywhere in the 90cm although Dulcie had a lovely clear but in the 1m the same team came 5th despite several faults!!! Well done all and thanks to Briony and Emily for bringing them and to Sally Haird for her usual help.


Results from Sp 19 HT 

Sp HT 80cm pairs results

SP HT 19 80cm results

Sp HT 19 90cm pairs results

Sp HT 19 90cm Results

Sp HT 19 1m results



Results from Sp 19 ODE

Sp ODE 19 Results 1 60cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 2a 80cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 2b 80cm  

Sp ODE 19 Results 3a 90cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 3b 90cm  

Sp ODE 19 Results 4 1m  

Sp ODE 19 Results 5 Likit 1.1m  

Sp ODE 19 Results 6 60cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 7a Open 80cm 

Sp ODE 19 Results 8a Open 90cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 8b Open 90cm

Sp ODE 19 Results 9 Open 1m

Sp ODE 19 Results 10 Open 1.1m


Results from Winter SJ 17th Feb 19

Results from Autumn HT held on 28.10.18

EHPC aut 18 results classes 1 and 2 Classes 1&2

Results 80cmPC

Results 80cm Section B

Results 80cm Section C

Results 90cm Section A

Results 90cm Section B

Results 1m


We’ve had a long but eventful day at the Area Eventing. The 90cm team of Lolly Brown, Andy Taylor, Ada Marson and Hayden Sykes didn’t come anywhere but Lolly came 3rd in her section just missing out on qualifying and Andy came 6th both doing excellent 2x clears. In the 100cm we did better with the team of Pip Taylor riding both Poppy and Ranger, Milly Butters and Emma Freeman coming 3rd and qualifying for the champs. Pip came 2nd and 4th and both Milly and Emma came 6th in their respective sections. And Emma came 2nd in the Open Novice and qualified there too. So very well done to all and thanks so much to Debbie for coming and helping everyone and Caitlin for equally being incredibly helpful to Pip because Julia was in the scoring box all day. Thanks Julia. And of course thanks to parents who either had a very early start or who have been very late home!


Results from area 8 SJ on website

Another good day for easton at the Grassroots dressage –  Sat 9th June 2018
Phia Waterer won the warm-up with Lily Waterer a very close 2nd. In the main event the team of Phia, Lily, Eve Marson and Eva Cranfield came 3rd and qualified. Lily won her section and Phia came 2nd in her section, and Eve and Eva both came 8th in theirs. Katie Rolph came 6th and qualified as an individual in her 1st ever dressage test and Lucy Rigler, equally doing her 1st test also did very well. In the pairs competition Lily and Phia won and Eva and Alice came 3rd with Eve and Katie coming 4th. Well done to all and thanks to Gill Daniell for coming with us and warming everyone up and also to Sally as usual and all parents for the early start.

Dear All
Well we’ve had a cracking day at the inter-branch SJ at Isleham.
The 50cm team of Alice Cranfield, Lucy Rigler, Helene Kontofrios and Thomas Leggett came 4th with Lene K coming 2nd and Lucy 3rd.
In the 60cm the team didn’t get placed but Katie Rolph won.
In the 70cm the Hounds team won – Lily Waterer, Eva Cranfield, Katie Rolph and Eve Marson – and the Hares team came 5th – Lene Kontofrios, Phia Waterer, Olivia Lubbock and Lily Waterer with Katie coming 4th and Lily coming 6th individually.
In the 80cm grassroots the Hounds team won and qualified -Eve Marson, Eva Cranfield, Faith Rookyard and Lily Waterer with Faith coming 4th individually.
The 90cm team of Ada Marson, Dulcie Wade and Lily Waspe came 7th but the same team won the 1m with Lily coming 2nd with 1 of only 2 double clears, Ada came 5th and Dulcie came 6th.
So pretty amazing all round and well done to everyone (especially Eve who managed to fall off AFTER going through the finish!) A million thanks to Tina and Sally for shepherding the teams and all the parents for bringing them and hanging around for a very long day!