Thursday December 7, 2023
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Team Availability Sheet 23


Dear All

Well done to all our EHPC competitors at today’s event which went off pretty well although it had its moments.

But a huge thank you to our army of volunteers without whom it wouldn’t happen. So thanks to Julia T, Tracey Sayer, Carole Edwards and Caitlin Pugh for scoring all day. Also thanks to the dressage judges and writers and to Mel Waterer, Karen and Emily Harvey and Sarah Brown for running the dressage. Thank you to Lucy Sykes who appeared out of the blue to solve a dressage writing problem. Thanks to Issy Pugh and the rest of the Pugh family for managing the show jumping courses and pole picking, to Eloise Newell for great work on the SJ collecting ring – sorry lunch didn’t turn up till 3.30!, and thanks to Ann Skeet and Alan Smith for SJ judging.

On the XC thanks to Mel Alexander for the collecting ring, to David Adlam for starting, to Gill Lloyds and Jane Few for timing, to Briony and her friend – whose name I have forgotten sorry! – for control, to Mike Lloyd for the course, to Lindsay Pearson for quading and setting up the SJ PA and timing and all our army of jump judges. And Thanks to Lisa Kenyon for the drinks and cakes and to Mel A, Sally Myers and Claire Kontofrios for making the lunches. And also thanks to those who came along yesterday to build the SJ course. Apologies if I missed anyone out.

It is a long day for all these people and we’re very lucky they are all prepared to do it for love.

I hope we can carry on despite Covid 19 and have the HT & Tet on April 19th.


Dear All
We’ve had an excellent, but somewhat trying day at Poplar today Well done to all competitors – EHPC members have done brilliantly!!
As usual can I say thank you to all the volunteers for today – jump judges – especially our new ones who were stunned by the number of fallers in the first class!!, Briony and Dom in control, Julia and Carole in scoring, Rebecca our secretary, Mel for collecting ring, David A for starting, Roy, Mary, Kate and Sue in timing, Issy for great cakes and coffees, Mel and Sally for lunches, Mike and Andy for the course, Lindsey on the Quad, Eloise for moving about and helping here and there and back again, and anyone one else I have missed. Issy please pass thanks to those whose email I don’t have including your Dad!
We always need more help and never more than today. Please consider offering to help – I am happy to train jump judges properly this winter. ODE 15th March, HT 19th April.

Area SJ at Gt Wichingham 14.07.19

Well this has been some day – England win the Cricket World Cup on the last ball, Jockes beats Feds after 5hrs and Easton…. well. We didn’t do too brilliantly in the Novice but Lolly Brown got a 2x clear and then 4 in the 3rd round – well done Lolly. In the Intermediate the team of Ben Kenyon, Pip Taylor, Dulcie Wade and Ada Marson managed to come 5th on a final of 12 faults which just shows how tough the courses were. Dulcie and Nugget were superstars and got a stylish 3x clear and ended 8th. We missed Lily Waspe who got kicked yesterday and couldn’t make it today.
Thank you Tina for all your help and to Sally and all the parents for getting up so early and being there a pretty long time.
Area Dressage 13.07.19
Today we were at Gt Wichingham for the the area dressage where Easton didn’t do brilliantly I’m afraid!
Ada on Paddington was 4th in the Intermediate warm-up test and Pip Taylor was 2nd . In the main event Neve put in a sterling performance coming 8th in her arena in the Novice, and in the Open the team of Pip, Charlotte Long and Zara Lye came 5th with Pip 3rd and Charlotte 5th, both qualifying for the Champs. Well done.
Thank you Gill and Sally for coming and helping and Julia Taylor for spending a trying day scoring and also to parents for transporting for in some cases an early start.
Tomorrow is the SJ!
Novice & Intermediate Eventing 
Today was a day of mixed fortunes. In the 90 the team produced some good tests and Andy and Haydn went clear in the Show Jumping, Ada had one stop and Charlotte had 3 poles. There were long delays on the particularly challenging cross country course but Andy and Ada went clear, Haydn completed the course following a problem at one fence and Charlotte had problems at the water. Andy came 2nd in his section and qualified for the Champs and Ada came 4th in her section. In the 100 the team they all had very good dressage results and Pip won the dressage in her section with an excellent 21.92. Pip and Ada went clear in the Show Jumping while Lily had 8 faults and Adventurine was somewhat uncooperative. The cross country was again challenging and very technical. Ada went clear, Pip came unstuck at a nasty fence and Nutkin was less than helpful. The result was Ada came 2nd qualifying for the Champs. 
Well done to everyone and many thanks to the parents especially Janey, Julia and Lucy when I was with the other team.
Grassroots Eventing
What an amazing day! Firstly the A14 was closed between Stowmarket and Bury so lots of us were late and poor Billie got to the collecting ring when she was supposed to be doing her dressage and this was her first ODE! However, all went well and Billie, Olivia, Lucy and Eva did pretty good tests. The Show Jumping went well, 3 clears and on to the cross country. Olivia had unfortunate stops at a tricky fence, Lucy and Eva both had problems and Billie went clear. On to the next team of Eve, Katie, Lily and Helene. All had dressage in the 30s and Katie 29. All went clear in the Show Jumping. On the cross country which was not easy Eve had a ‘brakes’ problem but the others went clear. So Katie was 2nd, Lily 1st, Helene 1st and Billie 3rd all qualifying. The team of Eve, Katie, Lily and Helene won. It was fantastic! Many thanks to Tina and also to the parents. Such an exciting day. Well done everyone.


Grassroots Dressage

We’ve been blessed with a lovely cool but sunny day at the Grassroots dressage today. Thanks to Gill Daniell for coming too and warming them all up and to parents for bringing them all and to Adam Lubbock for our lovely bacon butty.
In the warm up tests Lily Waterer won, Faith Rookyard and Eva Cranfield were 3rd, Alice Cranfield was 6th and Lucy Rigler and Lexi Foster were 8th.
In the main event the team of Eve Marson on Rolly, Lily Waterer, Katie Rolph and Faith Rookyard came 4th and qualified for the champs with Eve 3rd in her arena, Faith and Katie 7th and Lily 6th.
So a pretty good day overall.



Report for the Annual Show
Dear All
We’ve had a lovely day at the Annual Show at Westerfield Hall – thanks to Joy and Sylvia Partridge.
It was a great pity that more of our members chose not to attend as this is an important fundraiser for us and a lot of work goes into preparing and closing it down. Please remember this is your Pony Club and you do need to attend events!
A huge thanks to Lucy Sykes, Sally Haird, Tracy Sayer, Caroline Foster, Andy Burton and Hayden Sykes for all their hard work today and in the last few months. Also thanks to our judges Gill Lloyds, Jenny Pearson, Roy & Mary Dale, Ann Skeet, and Pippa Martin, to Paula Slater, Andy Burton, Mel & Lottie Alexander for stewarding and and Hayden the Minimus & Handy Pony; to Sally H, Issy and Caitlin Pugh for lunches, teas, coffees, cakes, to Nick Pope our paramedic – mercifully idle all day!; Joys Harris and Tyderman for the very exciting gymkhana, to Mary Thornley and her writer for taking so much time with our dressage riders and also a huge thank you to Lindsey Pearson for managing all things technical and for helping all day and with the take-down.
Another thanks to all those parents who helped taking down jumps and the tent at the end of the day which is very much appreciated.
And finally well down to all who took part today and especially the huge number of rosette and cup winners at the end of the day! The Fancy dress was probably the high point especially with Teasel and Belle turned pink!

Grassroots SJ

Well we have been blessed with great weather and Easton has risen to the occasion at the Grassroots competition at Trinity Park today. In the 80 cm area Qualifying competition Our Hounds team – Olivia Lubbock, Lene Kontofrios, Katie Rolph and Lily Waterer came 4th and qualified for the Champs at Horseheath on 31st Aug. Olivia won, Eve Marson was 7th and Billie Howell was 5th both also qualifying. In the 90cm friendly the team of Haydn Sykes, Alex Ryder-Davies, Charlotte Butler and Daisy Barrington-Phillips came 4th. Lottie Alexander won the class, with Alex R-D 7th. In the 50cm the team of Alice Cranfield, Flora Wheeley, Thomas Leggett and Eleanor Cox came 2nd with Eleanor coming 5th. In the 60cm the team of Alice, Eleanor, Flora and Lexi Foster came 3rd with Eleanor 5th. In the 70cm the team – Eve Marson, Ruby Lubbock, Eva Cranfield and Lexi Foster won with Eve 3rd and Ruby 4th. So very well done to everyone.
This was a competition that we organised so our huge thanks to our judges and scorers – Mary Thornley, Roy & Mary Dale, Jen Pearson, John Jacks, Janice Vincent, Jo Cole, Carole Edwards, Lorraine Alexander and Briony Wade. Also thanks to all our collecting ring stewards – Lucy Sykes, Hugh Water, Emily Harvey, Paula Slater, Sian Thorne, Kathy Wilton, to our central scorers Chris Haird & Rebecca Barrington-Phillips, to the tack checkers Lydia Side-Page, Caitlin Pugh & Charlotte Long, to the team managers Tina Haslem, Lisa Kenyon & Sally Haird, to all the catering helpers, the arena parties, to Andy Burton, Lindsey Pearson, Ann Skeet, to Toby Ingham & Steve keys the course builders, to Hetta Wilkinson our area Rep, and to my helpers Grace Hayward, Phia Waterer and Fia Kontofrios. If I’ve forgotten anyone then thanks to you all.
We cannot run these events without all this help and it has been a very successful day particularly because of Chris Haird’s miraculous scoring system!
Well done all and of course thanks to parents for carting and also putting all the jumps back onto trailers.

Dear All
Despite an unexpectedly lot of rain – which made for a very wet course walk and a slippery 90 cm class, – Houghton has been great fun. The team of Megan Rodwell, Charlotte Long, Dulcie Wade and Charlotte Butler didn’t come anywhere in the 90cm although Dulcie had a lovely clear but in the 1m the same team came 5th despite several faults!!! Well done all and thanks to Briony and Emily for bringing them and to Sally Haird for her usual help.
Dear All
We’ve had a good day at Sotterely SJ today. Alice Cranfield on Billy came 6th individually in the 40cm (no team in that class) and both she and Sohia Kontofrios on the sometimes bucking Marble got 2xC in the 50cm. The 60cm team of Eva Cranfield on her new and lovely Fionn, Phia Waterer on Amber and Sophia K came 2nd with Phia 2nd individually. In the 70cm the team of Lily Waterer on Nico, Katie Rolph on Millie & Ruby Lubbock on Clarence came 2nd and Lene Kontofrios on Tiddles ( Blackbourne Harriet as advertised below!) came 6th individually. The 80cm team of Katie, Lily, Lene – this time on Liffey, and Ruby came 5th with Katie 5th individually.
So well done all and thanks to parents for taking them and as usual to Sally Haird for looking after Ring 2.
Now we just need some teams for Houghton…. 80cm, 90cm and 1m anyone???
Dear All
We’ve had a good day at Poplar for our HT & Tet, even though it was icy cold to start with.
Well done to all EHPC members who rode so well especially Lottie Alexander and Lucy Rigler who were in the ribbons twice. A million thanks to all our jump judges, to Dom and Briony in control, to Caitlin and Mel Alexander for collecting ring and starting, to Lindsey Pearson for quading, to Roy, Mary and Jane for timing, to Amy and the Cranfield clan for running the arena Tet, to Sarah Long for secretarials, to Julia Taylor, Sally Haird and Carole Edwards for scoring so very efficiently, to Issy Pugh for brilliant cakes teas/coffees etc, to Sally/Issy and Mel Waterer for pack ups and to Mike and Andy for course management.
Thank you all so much. It goes without saying we can’t do this without you.
Dear All
We’ve had a pretty good day for our ODE at Poplar Park. First of all thanks to all the competitors and their helpers for coming and hopefully enjoying it. Well done to all the EHPC members who competed and some of you did very well.
Also a million thanks to all our helpers without whom we could not run the event – Thanks to Julia Taylor, Judith Esterhuizen, Sally Haird and Carole Edwards for scoring, to Briony and Dom Wade and Pip Taylor for commentating, to Roy & Mary Dale and Sue Leverett for XC timing, to Kathy Wilton and Tracey Sayer for XC starting, to Mel Alexander, Nicky Ridyard and Rebecca B-S for XC collecting ring, to Ann Skeet and Alan Smith for SJ Judging, to Patrick Edmundson for SJ course building and arena partying too, to Lily Waterer, Alice Cranfield and Eleanor Cox for collecting score sheets and being very cheerful all day, to Lindsey Pearson for quad biking, to Tina Haslam , Sue Barrie & Karen King for managing dressage, to the students from Otley College who have done lots of jobs today, to our dressage judges and their writers and to all our fence judges for their long day. And finally to Issy Pugh for cakes, tea and coffee and the lunch makers and Mike Lloyd and Andy Burton for XC course building and managing. And anyone else I’ve missed off! As you can see the day requires a lot of helpers!
Well done all.


Please find below the team availability sheet. Please enter your name and pony if you/your child is available to do any of the competitions listed. Team Selections will take place nearer the event.





Dear All
We have a very successful area 8 SJ which we organised and well done to all our teams who competed especially the NOVICE Hounds of Lolly Brown, Andy Taylor, Ada Marson and Lily Waspe who came 2nd and have qualified for the Champs!!! Excellent
Can I also say thank you to all our helpers – all the judges, course builders, cooks, first aiders, arena party teams, collecting ring stewards, tack checkers, scorers. As a branch you have all stepped up and we have carried it off well – I have already had many thanks and congrats from other branches. Well done to all. Thanks to Janey and Piers for helping us get the scoring system up and running and to Chris Haird for all the massive excel skills required to create it.
You can all go and look at the results in detail on

Thanks to all and well done

Another good day for Easton at the Grassroots dressage – 
Phia Waterer won the warm-up with Lily Waterer a very close 2nd. In the main event the team of Phia, Lily, Eve Marson and Eva Cranfield came 3rd and qualified. Lily won her section and Phia came 2nd in her section, and Eve and Eva both came 8th in theirs. Katie Rolph came 6th and qualified as an individual in her 1st ever dressage test and Lucy Rigler, equally doing her 1st test also did very well. In the pairs competition Lily and Phia won and Eva and Alice came 3rd with Eve and Katie coming 4th. Well done to all and thanks to Gill Daniell for coming with us and warming everyone up and also to Sally as usual and all parents for the early start.
Dear All
Well we’ve had a cracking day at the inter-branch SJ at Isleham. 
The 50cm team of Alice Cranfield, Lucy Rigler, Helene Kontofrios and Thomas Leggett came 4th with Lene K coming 2nd and Lucy 3rd. 
In the 60cm the team didn’t get placed but Katie Rolph won. 
In the 70cm the Hounds team won – Lily Waterer, Eva Cranfield, Katie Rolph and Eve Marson – and the Hares team came 5th – Lene Kontofrios, Phia Waterer, Olivia Lubbock and Lily Waterer with Katie coming 4th and Lily coming 6th individually.
In the 80cm grassroots the Hounds team won and qualified -Eve Marson, Eva Cranfield, Faith Rookyard and Lily Waterer with Faith coming 4th individually.
The 90cm team of Ada Marson, Dulcie Wade and Lily Waspe came 7th but the same team won the 1m with Lily coming 2nd with 1 of only 2 double clears, Ada came 5th and Dulcie came 6th.
So pretty amazing all round and well done to everyone (especially Eve who managed to fall off AFTER going through the finish!) A million thanks to Tina and Sally for shepherding the teams and all the parents for bringing them and hanging around for a very long day!
TIMES FOR ODE 29th April
Dear All  – Today’s news
We’ve had a great day at the HT and final part of the Tet today and well done to all the competitors.
We can’t run these events without all our helpers so our thanks to Julia Taylor for days of hard work doing entries, timing and then scoring.
Also thanks to Carole Edwards for scoring, to Briony Wade and Hugh Waterer for commentating, to Mike Lloyds and Andy Burton for course building and managing today, to Mel Waterer and Amy Cranfield for running the Tet arena, to David Adlam for starting, to Mel Alexander and Rebecca Barrington-Phillips for the collecting ring, to Roy and Mary Dale and Jane for timekeeping, to Issy Pugh for teas, coffees and great cakes, to Sabina and Lucy for secretarying, to Lindsey Pearson for quadbiking, to Sally Haird for all round running and assisting, and to all our lovely jump judges for persevering all day without complaint. You were all marvellous and hopefully most of you are up for the ODE in 2 weeks.
Well done also to all the mums and dads for getting up early, driving, grooming etc and above not complaining.
Can I also thank Lucy Sykes who I missed off on Tuesday…
Dear All
We’ve had a super day at the Tri section of the Tet at Fram college today and well done to all our competitors including some intrepid adults braving the muddy run!
We cannot run these events without help and an especial thanks to Julia Taylor and family, to Sally Haird, Mel Waterer, the whole Cranfield family, Jenny Pearson, Gill Lloyds, Tracey Sayer, Dom Wade and the many helpers from other PCs and Fia for helping me with the prize giving!
Julia will publish the results very soon.
We hope to see you all on Sunday at the HT and we are still 3 jumps judges short. PLEASE help if you can. Remember all PC parents must help at at least 3 events during the year. STEP UP.
Dear All
We’ve had a very successful day at the team SJ at Anvil. The 60 team of Eve Marson, Eva Cranfield, Lily & Fia Waterer won  – Eve was 2nd indiv, Lily was 4th and Eva was 5th on Ruby and also 3rd on Billy. In the 70 we had to be content with 2nd – Fia, Eva, Lily and Faith Rookyard and 3rd with Eve, Lily and Olivia Lubbock. Eva and Ruby were 2nd, Eve 4th and Olivia 5th. In the 80 cm we came 1st – Haydon Sykes, Lolly Brown, Lily Waspe and Andy Taylor and 2nd – Alex Ryder-Davies, Olivia, Faith and Lily Waterer. Individually Andy was 1st, Lily Waspe 2nd, Lolly 4th and Lily Waterer 6th. And finally we won the 90cmLolly Brown, Rebecca Emmins, Andy Taylor and Lily Waspe. Individually Andy won again, Lolly was 2nd, and Lily Waspe was 5th.
So a pretty good day all round. Well done to everyone, and thanks to Sally for helping and to all parents for ferrying.


Membership forms for 2018 attached.



Please note subs must be paid by end Feb to be eligible to be in teams

Please send all completed forms to Tracey Sayer, address on the pages


Dear All   (19.11.17)

We had a ride at Sutton today followed by a BBQ which was a great success, if a little cold at the start!!

Many thanks to Marie Smith for organising it and also to  Tracey Sayer and Rebecca Barrington-Phillips for leading the group with Marie and to Lisa Kenyon for cooking the BBQ, which was really appreciated.


Dear All   (18.11.17)

Last night we had our annual party which was great fun.

Many thanks to all the cooks and helpers, to Julia Taylor, Sally Haird, Issy Pugh, Lucy Sykes, Andy Burton, Bruce Kerr, Mel Waterer, Caroline Foster, John and Andy Taylor for organising, cooking, and cleaning, and Briony Wade for commentating and for all the cooks who bought delicious puddings.

The disco was very much enjoyed and the kids all had a great time – the older ones of Pip, Tabby W-S, Caitlin and Dulcie did excellent jobs as horses, all round entertainers and dance leaders! And Flora don’t worry you will win a cup soon!

Thanks to all


Here are the results of yesterday’s hunter trial.   Oct HT 2017 Results sheet
Dear All
We have had a very successful Hunter Trial at Poplar today and very well done to all who took part and especially to those who were in the ribbons!
Also a huge thank you to all our helpers today without whom the event would not happen. So thanks to all the jump judges, to Briony, Sally and Penny for commentating, to the timers and scorers, to Issy and Caitlin Sykes for teas, cakes and starting all day in the cold, to Julia Taylor for secretary work not just today but ALL WEEK, to Mike Lloyds for the course and Lindsey Pearson for quad biking, to Nathan and Bo for the course, to Andy for running a superlative collecting ring and to Sally Hennessy and Issy for the lunches and to anyone else I have forgotten. You were all brilliant.
And thanks to the parents and competitors who drove, paid and supported.

HT Times for website           Important notes re Hunter Trial classes

Dear All

Just back from the grassroots champs where our team of Ada Marson, Haydn Sykes, Perdi Ludgrove and Lolly Brown were doing Dressage,  SJ and Eventing. We have had great fun and the team came 9th in the dressage, Ada came 3rd in her section in the dressage and she also came 2nd in her section in the eventing which was really excellent.

Well done to all and to Mums and Dads for taking them!


Dear All
We’ve had a very exciting few days.
Firstly I’ve got a colt foal!!
Secondly everyone at the area Eventing rode brilliantly. It is possible that Easton peaked early as the stunning results we had in the warm-up tests where almost everyone in all teams was placed were not repeated so well in the main event! But conrats to Alice Hallows who won and qualified for the champs.
Thirdly junior camp was a huge success and a million thanks to Amy and Mel and Ben and Hugh and Lauren and Laura who were all so brilliant. Also to Cara for great lunches and to our instructors – Angie, Tina, James, Anne, Marie, Fran and Emma who all taught and participated brilliantly. And of course to all you parents who fetched and carried and set-up and cleared up so well. And thanks to anyone I haven’t mentioned due to my absence!
I gather the kids were all super, had great fun and all improved as well – an added bonus! Well done to Rebecca Emmins for winning the Camp Cup!



Dear All

As you can see from all the pics we have had a great senior camp. All the kids were utterly brilliant and brave and fun!

But these things don’t happen by magic and a HUGH thank you to Briony, Paula and Dom for running it so brilliantly. It worked well because of your hard work!

Also thanks to our instructors – Angie, Anne, Marie, Fran and Rachel and also to Debbie, Gill and Rose for all being patient and fun and instructive to/for these kids. Thanks to Sally, Julia T, Rebecca and all the other parents for all your help especially yesterday.
Thanks to Bo, Nathan and Jack at Poplar for providing a great venue and feeding us.

And finally thanks to parents for paying and bringing and to the children for being so great. I am so proud of you all!


Dear All
Due to hopelessness on my part I failed to report on the Area eventing at the weekend.
Firstly let me say that the courses were VERY challenging, the novices had to jumps logs into water – fences that wouldn’t really be in BE100’s and the Intermediates had to jump several BE Novice fences.
Anyway we didn’t come anywhere as teams but Tabby Wilson-Smith came 2nd in her Novice section, just missing out on qualifying for the Champs, Lily Waspe came 10th in hers, Tabby Wade did a fantastic double clear and would have been placed for sure except for Nellie’s disliking of dressage! And Milly Butters came 8th in her Intermediate section and Alice Hallows won the dressage in her section. While you all had sun we had torrential rain which only happened when our Intermediate teams were doing anything!
Well done to all.


Results for the Area SJ on 9th July.

Area SJ 17 final results

Dear All

2 bits of news – The mounted games team of Eva & Alice Cranfield, Eve Marson, Rebecca Emmins, Lexi Foster went off to the zones and came 9th but WON the T&T!! Well done to them.

Yesterday Easton ran the area SJ. Our teams did fine. Alice Hallows came 3rd in the Open and has qualified for the champs. The intermediate team of Pip Taylor, Dulcie Wade Tab Wilson-Smith and Milly Butters came 7th. So well done to them.

I’d also like to thank the many parents and helpers who came and ran a very successful day – Rebecca Barrington- Smith, Juliette Brinkley, Jo Cole, the Lubbocks, the Pughs, the Prices, the Cox family, the Waterers, the Sayers, the Sykes, the Pearsons, Piers and Ada Marson, Andy Burton, Kathy Wilton, Caroline Aitcheson, Jean (Amy Cranfield’s Mum), Julia Hicks, Julia Taylor, the Hairds, Lauren Hassan, all the judges, all the cooks and Nick Pope. You were all brilliant.

And a special thank you to my runners – Ada Marson, Lily and Fia Waterer and Ruby Lubbock who were marvellous and very entertaining – Ada is a great commentator!


Times for area SJ on 9th July at Trinity Park

Final entries – novice (2)

Final entries – intermediate (3)

Final entries – open 2

Dear All

I was at my son’s wedding on sat/sun so I’ve been slow to give you the latest news – at the Grassroots Dressage on sat Easton came 3rd, qualified and Ada Marson won her section. Well done to all and thanks to Lucy Sykes and Gill Daniell for being on DC duty!

Dear All
We’ve had a lovely and successful day at the show today and thank you all for coming, parents for bringing the kids and all our helpers who came to put up and take down the show – it made all the difference! A special thank you to Sally Issy and Caroline for all your help catering, to Lucy for sterling work on the entries, to Tracey for helping, to Haydn for running the minimus and Handy Pony and to all our judges, helpers, course builders and mounted games organisers for making the day work so well. EHPC at its best.
A full set of results will be available in due course.

Here are the times for the dressage classes at the Annual Show on Saturday:  Dressage Times

Dear All

Well Easton have had a bit of a bumper weekend. Yesterday we had 2 teams at the Area Mounted Games who came 4th   and 7th and today we took lots of teams to SJ at Isleham. We didn’t come anywhere in the 50cm but we won the 60cm, and Fia Waterer was 3rd with Lily Waterer 4th. We won the 70 cm with one team and were 5th with the other: Lolly Brown was 4th. In the Grassroots regional at 80cm we also won with Ada 5th and Lolly 6th. We were also 5th in the 90cm and I think 4th in the 1m!! So a pretty amazing weekend and well done to all. Also all the best to Evie Newton who has unfortunately broken her shoulder!!


Here are the results from yesterday’s ODE and Hunter Trial, well done to everyone who competed.  Hunter Trial scoring 2A PC80 2B PC 80 3A PC 90 3B PC 90 4 PC100 5 PC110 6 OPEN 90 7 OPEN 100 8 OPEN 110 9A OPEN 80 9B OPEN 80

Here are the times for Sunday’s ODE & Hunter Trial:  EHPC ODE 2017 Runners and Riders  Use the tabs at the bottom of the document to move between classes.  If you didn’t pay for first aid cover via Equo, please bring it along on Sunday – £4/rider.

If you have any queries, please email

Congratulations to all who took part in the Tetrathlon and/or the Hunter Trial over this weekend, we had a good turnout and were very lucky with the weather.  If you didn’t stay to collect your ribbon or qualification place, please catch up with Sally Haird.

Hunter Trial Results 2017  Tet Results 2017 amended

Use the tabs at the bottom of the page to move between classes. If you have any queries about the results, please email


Results from Anvil Stud Interbranch SJ 16.2.17  TeamShowJumpingatAnvilStud16thFebruary


Dear All

We have had a lovely if cold day at the show jumping at Topthorne today.
Thank you all for coming and thanks to the parents for bringing them all, congrats to the winners and the large number of EH members who have qualified for the Dengie.
Our thanks to Nigel for a great venue and course building, to Gill Lloyds and Jen Pearson for judging, to Sally for entries etc, to Issy Pugh, Briony Wade and Emma Sayer for helping on the collecting ring, and to Andy Burton for being there all day helping everywhere and putting up jumps etc. Good Day!
RESULTS for SJ 05.02.17


Dear All

My arm /shoulder is now much improved and I can type with both hands!

Firstly thank you all for coming to the Awards Party and an especial thank you to Julia Taylor for organising it and to Lucy Sykes, Amy Cranfield and Sally Haird for decorating, Sally for a great management of rosettes and cups and to Briony Wade for commentating. It was an excellent evening – so thanks to all.

Also thank you to Lisa Kenyon and Marie Smith for organising the ride on a very wet and windy Sunday which I think passed off with little incident and much fun for all who attended.

Yesterday we had a mounted games rally at Otley which was great fun. Thanks to all who came and thanks to Amy Cranfield for organising it and to Ella for teaching.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Xmas shoot and the rally at the end of Dec.

Happy Christmas all.


HUNTER TRIAL  RESULTS: Class 1 PC members    Class 1 non-members    Pairs Class 3 PC members    Class 3 non-members    Class 4 PC members    Class 4 non-members    Class 5

Dear All

Thank you so much to all our jump judges, Sally and Briony in control, Andy on the collecting ring, Hilda, Carole and Julia in scoring, Roy, Mary, Ann in Timing, Kathy and Tracey on starting, Sabina and Julia and Sabina’s friend in secretary, Lindsey on quod, Sally Hen and Julia T for lunches and Mike Lloyds for course building and being on call all day. All in all the day went well and an especial thank you to Gill and Lucy Stagg for dealing so well with a difficult situation.

 We could not run these events without you all and given the shortness of the day and the number of competitors we just made it!!

 Thank you to all competitors for coming, cooperating, not objecting and putting up with the last minute ( or hour!) hiccups. Julia T will post the results as soon as.

 Thanks to all and see you in the Spring!

 Helena Packshaw

DC Easton Harriers

BLOOM CUP The Bloom Cup didn’t go completely to plan for us but Francesca Aitchison came 7th, and Lily Waspe came 3rd in the dressage. Otherwise not much to say!! But well done to all of you who came and you will all have learnt a lot!

AH test success. Laura Burton has passed her AH test with distinction, an amazing and well deserved achievement. Well done Laura.



We had a good day at the dressage today. Well done to the open team of Fish Clarke, Zara Lye, Isabella Stagg and Emma Freeman who qualified by coming 2nd and Zara was 4th and Isabella was 6th individually and 2nd in the warm-up test. The intermediate team of PipTaylor, Milly Butters, Ro W-S and Tessa Lye and individual Jasmine Slater were in our opinion robbed in the main event but Pip did brilliantly to come 3rd individually. Millly was 5rd and Pip 5th in the warm-up test. In the novice Dulcie Wade was 2nd in the warm-up and Francesca Aitchison was 3rd in the main event.

 Well done to all and thanks to Gill Daniell for coming and helping today and before.

 Speaking of helping I failed to thank Debbie Edmundson for all her help getting teams ready, to rings and all their team training.

 Next week its eventing! I’m glad of a week’s rest!!



A huge thank you to all the people who helped steward, judge, cook, score, first aid, course build, jump put up, and generally dogsbody today. You were all brilliant and apart from my complete debacle with the rosettes it all went very well. Sally says I’m never allowed to do anything with rosettes ever again!! Thank to Emma Sayer for all your hard work on the entries and to Chris Haird, Julia Hicks, Debbie Verrill, Jo Cole and especially Julia Taylor for all your work on the scoring.

 And also thank you to all the Easton competitors – I’m sorry it didn’t all go to plan but well done to Zara for qualifying.

 See most of you tomorrow!




Five excited girls took part in the Zone Finals of the Mounted Games in Warwickshire on Saturday along side 13 other teams. Parents scrubbed and polished before the tack and turn out, the girls looked fantastic despite the downpour and the result was a fantastic 2nd. Well done ‘Mum’s’! I wondered if we had the correct day for the Juniors,  the other teams looked so tall!  The girls all worked well as a team but didn’t manage to get in the ribbons. Well done to Lily Waterer, Eva Cranfield, Faith Rookyard, Ada and Eve Marston for reaching the finals and for giving 100% effort.

Many thanks to the parents for travelling all that way and camping in the rain!


We are setting up the courses on Thursday 7th at Trinity Park at 6.00pm. We need volunteers to help. It is mandatory that the parents of children in the teams help with both set-up and take-down but we will also need more help.

Please let Sally Haird know that you can help.

We also need parents to help with the arena parties on 9th July. I am assuming equally that many of you will come forward. Please contact Sally via email or phone 07824806703. Thanks.



Thanks so much to you all for coming to the show at Westerfield on Saturday. It was a perfect morning. Unfortunately the rain decimated the afternoon classes as nearly everyone who was soaked leaving. In fact the sun came out afterwards and we continued with very reduced entries. Well done to the stalwarts who stayed.

Thank you so much to the committee – Sally Haird, Caroline Freeman, Caroline Foster, Tracey Sayer, Andy Burton, Issy Pugh and any I have missed. Also thank you to the judges and helpers, to the course builders, commentators, Alma and Judy Brown and Owen for the dressage, Caitlin and Milly, Lucy and Haydn Sykes who were all brilliant. If I have missed anybody I do apologise but thanks.

And thank you to all you members who competed and to parents/friends who came too.

Finally thanks to Sylvia and Joy for a great venue.

TEAM SHOWJUMPING 5/6/16 at Isleham. Well done teams! Please click on the link for results Isleham June 16


11th June, 2016 at Westerfield Hall.

Please come along to help set up on Thursday, 9th June at 6pm.

If anyone is available to help put up jumps for any of the classes on the day, please let us know.

Entries are open on Equo.

Yesterday we went to Houghton – a very beautiful but VERY cold Houghton – for the inter-branch Show Jumping. We started off brilliantly with the 80cm team of Lauren Hassan, Tabby Wade, Flora Pitt and Lily Waspe ALL going clear. The team came 2nd and Flora Pitt came 2nd individually. The 90 and 100cm teams did not go quite so well although Ro Wilson- Smith came 6th individually in the 90 and Tessa Lye came 9th individually.

Well done to all and to the parents as its a very long way to go for one round!


A pretty good day for Easton at the Waveney SJ friendly at Sotterley.

In the 60 cm the Hounds – Fia Waterer, Oliver Reid, Lolly Brown and Olivia Lubbock came 3rd with Olivia Lubbock 6th individually.

In the 70cm the Hares were 1st – Lily Waspe, Ada Marson (6th indiv), Lolly Brown and Ben Kenyon (3rd Indiv). The Hounds came 4th – Andrew Taylor (2nd Indiv), Olivia Lubbock ( 4th Indiv), Haydn Sykes and Ella Pitt.

In the 80cm the Hares came 6th – Charlotte Mann ( 6th Indiv), Ben Kenyon, Fleur Ludgrove and Andrew Taylor and the Leverets were 4th – Jasmine Slater, Flora Pitt, Haydn Sykes and Daisy Kiddy.

In the 90cm the Hounds were 5th – Dulcie Wade, Tabby Wade, Flora Pitt and Lottie Fairs and Tabby Wilson- Smith was 2nd indiv.

In the 1.0m the Hares were 2nd – Ro Wilson-Smith, Dulcie Wade and Jasmine Stater( 5th Indiv) and the Hounds were 4th – Emma Sayer, Tabby W-S, Caitlin Pugh (4th Indiv).

In the 1.05m the team won, Isabella Stagg ( 5th Indiv) Jasmine Slater (6th Indiv), Caitlin Pugh (3rd Indiv) and Emma Sayer.

And in the 1.10m we were the only team so Isabella came 1st, Caitlin was 2nd and Emma was 3rd.

 Well done to all and thanks to Sally Haird Lisa K and Janey Marson for helping and for parents for transporting and assisting!


Today the junior mounted games team of Eve and Ada Marson, Faith Rookyard, Lily Waterer and Eva Cranfield WON the areas AND came 2nd in tack and turnout. Brilliant.


Teams selections are posted on the Team Competitions page.

We’ve had a pretty good day at Gt Wichingham.

Easton won the 40cm with Lily and Fia Waterer, Eva Cranfield and Eve Marson with Cate Kerr as an individual. Cate came 3rd, with a 2x clear in a fast time -pretty good for a 6yr old! ( the child not the pony!), Lily was 4th, Fia was 5th and Eva was 6th. Eve did the fastest round in the jump-off but had unfortunately fallen off in the 1st round.

Easton won the 50cm with Faith Rookyard, Lily Waterer, Jasmine Price and Eva Cranfield. Fia and Eve were individuals and Jasmine came 2nd and Eve came 5th.

In the 60 cm we came 4th with Faith, Jasmine, Lily and Eve and Faith came 7th individually.

Only Ada did the 80cm and she had a stop in the jump-off, which was a pity because it was a good couple of rounds.

In the 90cm Ro W-S, Tabby W-S and Caitlin Pugh came 6th and in the 1m the same team came 3rd with Caitlin 3rd and Tabby 5th.

A pretty good day and great weather. Eve Marson gets my vote for grit and determination – she fell off maybe 3 or 4 times but got straight back up each time and finished the course with gusto. Cocos was very naughty and keep thinking the grass looked more interesting than the course!

 Well done to all and thanks to the parents and Sally for making my job so easy! 




Whaddon Chase Postal Shoot 

Well done to all those who took part in the Whaddon Chase Postal Shoot over the dark winter months – the results are out :

Junior Team of Haydn Sykes, Charlotte Butler, Lily Waspe and Anna Wootton won their section, with Charlotte indiv 4th and Anna indiv 6th

Mini Team of Ada Marson, Ollie Reid, Andrew Taylor and Lily Waterer came 2nd in their section with Andrew 6th individually.

Rosettes to follow when we receive them.

No placings for our Tadpoles this time, but the way that you are all improving will surely mean some ribbons in next year’s competition.

Well done everyone!

For full results please click on the links:  postal shoot 2015-6 results WC Postal shoot 2015-6


Dear All

Thank you all so much for coming to our ODE at Poplar Park on a day of intermittent hail and sun! I’m sorry if as a rider you were caught participating in the hail but that’s eventing for you.

 Can I say a heartfelt thank you to all our jump judges, dressage judges and writers, SJ judges, course builders, stewards, commentators, scorers, timers, Issy Pugh for the teas, coffees, cakes and all round help – so sorry about the tent!, starters, collecting ring stewards, arena party and Mike Lloyds. And any one I’ve missed out. Competitors you might not realise what a huge volunteer army is required to run the event and you were all sterling. Also of course thank you to any helpers who arrived to do one thing and I put you onto something else! Finally thanks to the parents who brought all the children although we had a lot of adults who probably brought themselves!

 Easton Harriers have run an excellent event despite my inefficiencies!

 Well done to all.

RESULTS Mini HT results & cup winners    Class 2 a     Class 2 b   Class 3   Class 4   Class 5  Class 6 a   Class 6 b   Class 7   Class 8

TETRATHLON Please click for the results  Tet results 2016


Dear All

We’ve had a pretty good day at the Hunter Trial at Poplar Park today and a great day at the first phase of the Tet at Fram College on Friday.and thank you all for coming to both. Firstly I’d like to say thank you to all our Tet helpers on Friday, our Jump Judges, Scorers, Timers, Starters, Course Builder, Secretaries, Commentators, Quad bike rider, Collecting Ring Stewards, Coffee and Tea Dispenser and cake makers, Lunch Makers and Junior Tet party for all your help today. Obviously we cannot do this without you and I especially appreciate the time you all give since we’re about to ask for it all again for our ODE in a few weeks! Thanks to you all. Pip Taylor deserves a special mention because she helped hugely both on Friday and today as well as competing on both days. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone – if so I’m very sorry.

 Well done to all the competitors and many thanks to all the Mums and Dads who brought everyone there. Click here for results Hunter Trial Results Spring 16



Have you seen the ‘Pony Prep’ on the main Pony Club website? If not, try following this link: PonyPrep  It looks like a fun way to learn and will help if you are preparing for tests. Pony Prep is suitable for E-C test.


INDOOR SHOWJUMPING Thank you so much all of you who came to the Show Jumping at Topthorne. We had a great day. And many thanks to Gill Lloyds and Jenny Pearson for judging, to Sally for doing entries and lots else, to Andy, Tracey and Issy for managing the collecting ring and to Nigel for the venue and the course building. And also to all those mothers who put up jumps and picked up children.I think despite the very cold wind the day was enjoyed by all.
A special congrats to Sophia Waterer who managed to win the over 9 section of class 1 even though she ‘s only 8!

Here are the results Winter Showjumping results 2016

NEW HAT RULES A reminder that there are new rules about which hats may be worn for Pony Club from Jan 2016. We will be re-checking and tagging all hats and no member whose hat does not meet the rules will be allowed to ride. Please check all your hats and make sure that they show at least one of the labels pictured here. (Its OK if they also have the old EN1384 as long as it is accompanied by one of the new ones.) PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RULES PREVIOUSLY SHOWN HERE EXCLUDED PAS015:1998. That was INCORRECT. PAS015:1998 & 2011 are both acceptable. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. The chart below was sent by our area representative, Clare Valori, today and is definitely correct. 

Hat rules

WINTER FIXTURES are on the branch activities page. The shooting schedule is on the calendar.

Cup winners: Cups 2015

Team results: Team results 2015


Dear All

Firstly can we say thank you to all the volunteers who came and jump judged and stewarded and commentated etc at our Hunter Trial yesterday. We had a lovely day with relatively few thrills and spills. And the weather was perfect. Thanks to all those who participated. It was a pity that were so few pony club members participating…Please click here for the results.

 Good Luck to those at the NSEA tomorrow and I’ll see quite a lot of you at the rally. I hope the Marsons can get there after the lorry drama of yesterday!

 I really need people to come and help paint on Thursday. It’s gone very quiet..


FUN DAY Please click on the link for results. Fun Day Results

CHAMPIONSHIPS  – from Helena

Monday: back from the champs which was great fun. Alice Hallows did 2 lovely show jumping rounds but not good enough however she did come 6th in the Equitation which is judged on style and riding so that was brilliant. Emma Sayer, Megan Hammond and Francesca Aitchison were our Horse and Pony care team and they came 9th. So a pretty good weekend all round. Well done to all and as usual to the parents who hauled themselves, kit, ponies and children across the country into the pouring rain.

 So.. We’re at the champs. First of all novice eventing, Tessa Lye and Milly Butters did nice dressages, both clear SJ and then onto XC. It was a full-on rideable but solid course causing quite a few problems, for example the water – sponsored by Blue Loos was blue – really blue. Milly went first and Eric jumped everything beautifully, but he was surprised by the blue water and stopped dead and Milly popped out over his shoulder. She jumped up and was back on in a trice and she finished including a fall with only 1.2 time penalties. Tessa did a super and very fast clear and came 12th on her dressage score. The intermediate dressage team also did well with team coming 12th and Isabella Stagg and Pip Taylor coming 8th, Daisy Pitt was 12th and Charlotte Long was 17th. So a pretty good day. 

Previously….at the Tetrathlon Champs in Yorkshire. Pip came 34th and Jasmine came 84th out of 120. Both had clear rounds in the XC and only half the competitors made it round so very well done to you both.


The Bloom Cup teams are as follows

Seniors: Thomas Manning, Caitlin Pugh, Megan Hammond and Tabby Wilson-Smith with Lottie Fairs is an individual. 

Juniors: Andy Taylor, Haydn Sykes, Lilly Waspe and Fleur Ludgrove with Charlotte Butler is an individual.


Well done to everyone for a brilliant camp! Kids you were amazing and so well-behaved. Parents you were amazing and so well behaved! And of course all our thanks to Lisa and Julia, Laura and Lauren, Sally and the kitchen team and everyone else who helped.

Great 2 weeks.



Dear All

Thank you all so much for being such great kids at camp and making it all run smoothly and I think being so much fun. Despite a few spills it went well pretty largely because Briony, Paula and Dom with Emma and Laura were so brilliant and many thanks to them. Thanks also to all the parents who helped with cooking, ferrying, changing ponies, riding out,  and generally providing us with great kids. Also of course thanks to the instructors who came all week and to Issy Paul and Mike Daniell who saved the day with stables. Gary Sykes brilliantly solved the kitchen crisis and of course AJ provided the venue. The Pony Club is at its best when everyone helps and this week was great.

Next week we’ve got the juniors…..

and FUN DAY for the younger members is on 27th Aug and I need older members to run this… Please sign up.




Dear All

Thank you all for turning up on a somewhat dismal summer day for the show which went very well with NO falls!!! Most of the competitors had a fun day with or without the rosettes.

The committee and indeed all those who took part would like especially to thank all the volunteers and helpers we had yesterday. Without dressage writers, course builders, arena parties, ring stewards, gymkhana organisers, judges, minimus teams, cooks and the show committee who organised everything then none of this could happen. And not forgetting the rotary club helpers and the die-hards who put all the jumps away at the end of the day. Thank you so much to all and I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody.


Here are the results: EHPC Annual Show Results 2015

RALLIES Please see the Branch Activities page for details of evening and associate rallies now available to book on Webcollect.

EHPC Successes! Our members have been out and about competing and doing very well.

Tetrathlon – Pip Taylor was in the east of England regional Tet team who came 7th and Pip individually came 17th out of 110 girls. Well done Pip.

Mounted Games – despite a wet start we had a very good day at the area mounted games where Easton WON!!! So we are are off to the zones… Well done to Jasmine & Amelia Slater, Dulcie & Tabby Wade and Andrew Taylor who bravely put up with wearing pink! The average age of the ponies was 21!! 

AND… we won the tack and turnout!! This is a definite turn up for the books

Suffolk Show – the Easton Harriers Hares won the Pony Club Challenge – the team was Pip Taylor ,Georgia Mitchell, Caitlin Pugh and Charlotte Johnson. Excellent!

Houghton Hall inter-branch SJ friendly. We took 3 teams to jump at 80cm, 90cm and 1m and Georgia Mitchell was a lone individual in the 1.1m. We didn’t meet with huge success with the first 2 teams but the 1m team came 5th – Megan Hammond, Charlotte Long, Rohan Brooks and Tessa Lye. Well done to all including parents who despite the rain and the cold went a long way for 1 round!

Sotterley inter-branch SJ. Our teams were 3rd in the 90cm, 1st in the 1m, 1st in 1.05m, 1st in the 60cm and 3rd in the 80cm. Several riders were also in the ribbons individually with 1sts for Tessa Lye & Pip Taylor, 2nd for Izzy Clarke,a 3rd for Ben Kenyon and 5ths for Tessa Lye & Jasmine Slater. Please see the link for full results. Sotterley Results

Isabella Stagg rode in the Riding Clubs’ Intermediate Dressage Championships and came 2nd in her arena only 2 collective marks behind the winner.

Pip Taylor went to the Grass Roots Championships at Badminton and completed a double clear inside the time to finish 12th.

Four teams entered the Whaddon Chase postal shoot and posted some good results including team 2nd & 3rd and individual 5th, 6th and 8th.

Well done everyone!

CAMP We now have a Web Collect page and are using camp as our first trial of the system.  To sign up for camp you need to go to and create an account for yourself. Then you can  access the forms for camp and make the payment by bank transfer. Please email Helena to let her know you’ve done this so she can check the process and we might start to see the end of cheques!!

ODE Sun 19th April   Thank you very much everyone who came to help set up and on the day. Please click on the links below for results:

Section 1A Section 1B Section 2A Section 2B Section 3 Section 4 Section 5A Section 5B Section 5C Section 6 Section 7

HUNTER TRIALS Good Friday. Results – please click on the link Hunter Trial results Q denotes qualified for the National Hunter Trial Series final at Eland Lodge in October. Please see their website for details .

Don’t worry if you didn’t pick up a card. We will notify them of everyone who qualified and you enter via the website.

Message from Tracey Sayer:

Dear Everyone,

On behalf of Easton Harriers Pony Club (& committee) I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped at yesterday’s hunter trial. It was a great success, we had an amazing turnout of competitors and the weather was kind if a little chilly.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our next event the One Day Event at Poplar Park on 19th April.



TETRATHLON Please click on the link for times for Tuesday. I have tried to avoid siblings’ times clashing but couldn’t entirely eliminate cross-overs. Run times can be flexible within each class if that helps. Do please e-mail if there are any other issues such as someone listed in the wrong class. Times will not be issued for the riding phase but an entry list for the day (Tet & Hunter Trial) will be published here to enable you to estimate the start time of each class. Tet Entry and Times 2015

INTER-BRANCH QUIZ Well done to our two teams who came 4th and 5th out of 15 at the area competition this week!

OVERA TEAM SHOWJUMPING Our teams had a good day gaining 2 1sts, a 2nd and 2 4ths – well done! Please click on the link to see the teams and results. Overa Results

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY ‘See a Stride’ training day

SHOW JUMPING  – JANUARY 25th Please click on the link for results : Indoor SJ Jan 15

Thank you everyone who came and made Gill’s party such a success last night and provided such a generous spread of delicious food. We hope you all enjoyed it. Gill has sent the following message to you all:

Thank you to Helena and the committee for arranging my retirement party and to those who came or sent good wishes. I was completely overwhelmed by the evening. So many friends from my years of involvement with the branch. I am sorry I was not at my best but the wine kept my voice going. Many had travelled long distances including both our families from Somerset. The speeches were excellent and I shall look forward to the delivery of the reclining chair. The photograph album caused great amusement to the family.

Thank you again and I hope I will see you all at events and shows this year. With best wishes Gill

HUNTER TRIALS OCTOBER 26th Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Hunter Trials a success today. Here are the results Oct HT 2014 The photographer was Richard Weller-Poley

MOUNTED GAMES Congratulations to our Mounted Games team of Jasmine and Amelia Slater, Charlotte Johnson, Dulcie and Tabitha Wade who came second in the area competition and so qualified for the zone final at Moreton Morrell on June 29th.

TETRATHLON results – please click on the link. Tet scores 2014

HUNTER TRIAL RESULTS Please click on the link. There have been a few adjustments as a result of one or two people having been counted in the wrong section in classes 6 & 9. If you have received the wrong rosette and would like to swap, please return the one you have and I will post the correct one. If you did not wait for the results but would like your rosette, please send me a sae to the address on the schedule. Make it a strong envelope at least C5 size as the rosettes are doubles and have the metal hooks on the back.

HT results March 14

RALLY Please remember that evening and Saturday rallies are Pony Club rallies and the same dress rules apply as for full day rallies – light coloured jods, PC sweatshirt or jacket, shirt and tie. Also, no coloured tack please.


Members must have the mini badge before they can take their D test and must have the mini badge before they can take the big achievement badge regardless of age!

Members can not take their D+ test or above without having achieved the big badge.

ODE MAY 19th Here are the results: ODE 2013


HUNTER TRIALS   29/03/13 Hurrah, we managed to run an event which wasn’t ruined by the weather! Here are the results: HT results 2013 Those with a Q beside them qualified for the Horseware Hunter Trial Championships at Eland Lodge in October. If you qualified and didn’t pick up your rosette and qualification card, get in touch and I will post them to you. The rosettes are lovely, so worth having even if you decide not to go to the finals!

Remember that rules about clothing apply to all rallies – light coloured jodphurs, plain hat cover, shirt, tie and sweatshirt or jacket please! Body protector and no fixed peak on your hat for cross country.  You may not wear your cross country colours.

PARENTS’ and TEAM MEETINGS Here is a summary of what was said at the parents’ and team meetings. Thank you Lucy! Easton Harriers Pony Club Parent Meeting 2013

TEAM FORM If you are interested in representing the branch in teams this year, please click on the link and download the form. The completed form should be posted to Mrs Lloyds. The second link is to a list of competitions.