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Area Competitions 2019

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Team Selections

2017 Anvil Teams  Area-8-Competitions-for-2017

Area teams 2016

Houghton Teams 16   Sotterley teams 2016  Isleham teams 5.06.2016

At the Easton Harriers we enter teams in inter-branch competitions in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Tetrathlon, Mounted Games, Horse and Pony Care and the Pony Club Quiz. We also offer training for Pony Racing.


Dressage is the foundation of all the disciplines. Over the winter we hold rallies specifically for working on the flat and at all day rallies in the summer a large proportion of the time is spent on dressage. For members who express an interest in being in the Area teams there is team training after the Easter holidays and final teams will be decided following an assessment evening. Age is not a barrier for dressage and last year we had 2 junior members at the Area competition.

Here is the link to the Pony Club website showing the tests to be ridden at this year’s competition:
Pony Club Dressage Area Championship Test 2016
Copies of the tests can be downloaded from the PC website.
There are strict rules concerning eligibility for entering all area competitions and a copy of the dressage eligibility is attached – it is worth reading as there are changes from last year. Dressage Eligibility 2016

This year’s Area 8 competition is to be held on Sunday 10th July at Trinity Park, Ipswich and the Championships will be held in Cheshire in August. Last year our Intermediate team won the Area competition and took part at the Championships.

The Pony Club also runs another dressage competition sponsored by the feed merchants, Dengie, with preliminary qualifying competitions through from July until March. The tests are the same as for the main Area competitions.

Qualified members will then compete at the Area 8 competition to be held on Sunday 26th March at The College of West Anglia, Milton. From this competition the top placed riders will qualify for the National Championships to be held on Sunday 3rd April at Addington Manor.

For more details see Dressage_competitions_and_events

There are still some preliminary rounds in our area where members can qualify – it is an excellent way to get practice for the summer season and the classes are open to all ages.

Look on the individual Pony Club branch websites and or Horsedates for further details:
Feb 14th West Norfolk Pony Club and Enfield Chace Pony Club
Feb 17th – Puckeridge Hunt West Pony Club
Feb 18th – Essex Hunt North Pony Club
Feb 22nd Littleport & District Pony Club

Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a hugely popular discipline within the Pony Club and there are many interbranch friendly competitions throughout the season with classes ranging from 50cm to 1.10m, as well as the Area competitions with Novice (90cm), Intermediate (1m) and Open (1.10m) classes.

Members are encouraged to sign up for these competitions – see Area Dates 2016  to check your availability. The friendlies are an excellent introduction to taking part in a team competition and the added pressures involved.

Members who express an interest in being in an Area team need to check their eligibility and complete a team form. For example, to be considered for the Novice team you must not have achieved one double clear in BS competition where any of the fences were above 1.00m in the first round – see Show Jumping Eligibility 2016  for more details. An assessment evening will be held after Easter and team training offered up to the competition.

We are hosting this year’s Area competition on Saturday 9th July at Trinity Park, Ipswich and hope that those not riding will be able to help as arena parties, stewards etc.

As with the dressage, there is another Show Jumping competition at 90cm sponsored by Dengie throughout the winter months. Preliminary rounds are held across the country, followed by Area competitions – Area 8 competition for qualified members is at Norton Heath on Sunday 20th March – and a championship to be held at Addington Manor on Sunday 3rd April.

As well as our own preliminary competition at Topthorn on Sunday 7th Feb there are 2 more chances to qualify in Area 8.
Feb 14th at Anvil Park Stud (was Overa)
Feb 18th at Topthorn (Suffolk Hunt Pony Club)
The qualifying rounds will be part of a normal show jumping schedule with plenty of other classes to compete in – go to the branch/venue websites for more information. In addition there are showjumping competitions nearly every weekend, just look on Horsedates for details. There is no need to join BS (British Showjumping) initially as you can jump ‘on a ticket’ or you can jump in their BS Club classes.


Eventing comprises the disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross country riding, usually run in that order on one day. It challenges all aspects of horsemanship: accuracy, control, precision, obedience, bravery etc.

Our competition is the One Day Event to be held at Poplar Park on Sunday 24th April where there will be classes from 75cm to 1.10m. Some classes qualify for the Likit Eventing League and Young Horse Series.

Prior to that we are holding our Hunter Trial (just cross country) also at Poplar Park on Sunday 3rd April, with classes from 75 cm to 1m, with some classes qualifying for the Horseware National Hunter Trial Series 2016. If you haven’t been cross country before it might be an idea to enter a pairs class with someone more experienced before going round solo.

The Area competition this year will be held at Blackwater Farm, Gt Witchingham on Saturday July 17th with classes at Novice (90cm), Intermediate (1m) and Open (1.10m). As with the dressage and show jumping, there are strict eligibility rules to adhere to, for example to compete at Novice level, the combination of horse and rider should not have achieved more than three clear cross country rounds at BE 100. See Eventing Eligibility 2016 for more details.

To be considered for the team you need to be seen out and about competing during the spring – it’s not imperative that you compete at BE (British Eventing) competitions as these can be very expensive – there are plenty of Pony Club branch/Riding Club competitions held over BE (ie good quality) courses eg Isleham, Poplar Park, Gt Witchingham, Stratford Hills. Look out on Horsedates for One Day Events or Hunter Trials. We will be holding cross country schooling dates starting in the Easter holidays, but most courses allow you to school over their jumps so you can go privately with whoever normally teaches you. For those just starting out, look out for branches offering mini ODEs or hunter trials, perfect for the younger ones – these often use a walk-trot dressage test that can be commanded, show jumping and cross country can sometimes be on the lead rein (if Mums and Dads can run fast enough!).

At the end of the summer holidays there is a fabulous interbranch eventing competition called the Bloom Cup where we can enter teams at 75cm and 90cm and is the perfect introduction to team eventing. Most of the children who compete in the Area competitions will have cut their teeth at the Bloom Cup.


Tetrathlon is a great sport which involves pistol shooting (or beanbagging for the u8s), swimming, running and cross country riding. Unless the parents have competed themselves as children the Tetrathlon is not always understood, but is so worth having a go as the kids who take part often say that the Tetrathlon is where they have the most fun in the Pony Club. You don’t have to be the best at any of the 4 elements, just willing to have a go. Our own competition in the Easter holidays is one of the first of the season; very popular – last year we had over 80 competitors. This year the Triathlon part (shoot, swim, run) will be held at Framlingham College on Friday 1st April and the riding part will be held in conjunction with our Hunter Trial at Poplar Park on Sunday 3rd April.

Those members who have been to junior camp will have already tried the pistol shooting/beanbagging – we use branch pistols/pellets/targets so there is no need to buy any special equipment, although at the higher levels members tend to buy their own gun.
We run training sessions every Monday evening from 5pm in ½ hour slots at Hall Farm, Hasketon – all welcome. We usually run a shooting competition in the Christmas holidays, the most competitive class being the adult class!

The competition – classes are divided into boys/girls in close age groups so the children only ever have to compete with others up to 2 years older than themselves.

Shoot – 5 practice shots, followed by 10 competition shots, maximum score 1000
Swim – each age group is given a swim time eg Juniors (ages 12 -14) swim for 2 minutes and Minis 1.5 minutes so you swim as far as you can in that time, with points being awarded for every metre swum. It doesn’t matter if you’re not very good – you’re allowed to wear armbands, request a lane next to the outside of the pool and the little ones swim widths rather than lengths.
Run – each age group has a set distance, eg 750m, 1000m, 1500m. The members usually run individually although at some competitions they run in groups of 10. The faster you run the more points you earn.
Ride – this is held over a cross country course and involves opening and closing a gate (having passed through it) while still on your pony, and getting off, lowering a rail, leading your pony over it, replacing the rail, remounting and completing the course. Points are awarded depending on how far you get around the course – maximum points 1400 for a clear round. For the younger age groups the cross country is over a much smaller course (varies between branches) and can be on the lead rein. At our competition in the Easter holidays the riding phase for the younger members will be in the show jumping arena at Poplar Park so they are in a controlled environment rather that at large on the cross country course! If you are not confident riding at the height stated on the schedule you can opt to jump a lower course and just take a penalty. This is highly recommended if you are not very experienced. This option is not available at the Area competitions but there are always learner options on the cross country course at the more difficult fences. It’s really hard to be eliminated at the Tetrathlon, they want everyone to complete.
After all 4 phases are completed the scores are added together and the highest score wins! There is usually a team competition run alongside the individual classes which means that members encourage each other to do well. The Easton Harriers have a very good record in the Tetrathlon, both at local and Area competitions.

Tetrathlon/Triathlon Competitions
Area – this is to be held in Leicestershire over the weekend of 30/31st July in conjunction with Area 6. It is a lot of fun, well worth the drive up to the A1 and we usually camp for 2 nights. There is the branch competition run by the Quorn branch held alongside the Area competition which means that younger siblings/members can compete in the normal way and enjoy being part of the action. Ponies are stabled locally or brought up on the Sunday and everyone camps near the cross country course.
Regional – Every year branches are asked to nominate Junior riders (age 12 -14 on 1st January) to be put forward for the East of England regional team. The competition this year is to be held at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire over the weekend of 4th/5th June. The cross country is a full-up 90cm and riders should be confident riding at this height. There competition is lots of fun with a dance competition and party on the Saturday night.
The Tetrathlon has its own Championships to be held this year at Bishop’s Burton, N Yorks in August for those who qualify at the Area competition in July. 2 years ago our girls team was placed 5th at the Championships. There is also an Intermediate Regional Competition usually held in August, date as yet tbc.

Winter Triathlon Series – the Pony Club runs a Winter Triathlon Series with the finals to be held at Milton Keynes on March 13th. The Area 8 competition is on 28th February hosted by the Puckeridge Western branch and open to all members aged 8 -25 years. If you would like to enter, see the information attached and let Julia Taylor know so we can put together some teams. It was a very popular competition last year and several members qualified for the finals.

Winter Postal Shoot – this is a shooting competition run over the winter months to encourage members to practice their skills and raise money for the Air Ambulance at the same time. If you would like to compete (entries £7 each), please let Julia Taylor know by 13th Feb. There are classes in the following age groups: 8/9, 10/11, 12/14, 15-25 and Adults for all the competitive parents! These competition targets will be shot during regular training on a Monday night.

Mounted Games

As Briony explained at the Parents’ evening, the Mounted Games are great fun – they are essentially gymkhana races in teams of 5. Juniors need to be aged 10 and under at the 1st January and Seniors need to be aged 14 and under – with our membership we should easily be able to make up a team of each age group.

Ponies need to be small enough to get on and off easily and ideally they should be manoeuvrable and obedient!! They should not exceed 147cm.

Last year our Senior team reached the zone finals held in Warwickshire – a lot of fun was had over the 2 days and the team just missed out by 1 point on a place at the Championships. We are sure that we can do better this year and have practices lined up throughout the spring. The first one is on Tuesday 23rd February at Otley College (see fixture list), with more after Easter and we will also practice at all-day rallies.

It’s a brilliant way of gaining confidence on your pony, improving trust and balance, and also a good introduction to team competitions.

Senior games this year include bending race, 3 mug race, old sock race, tennis ball shuffle, tyre race, bottle race, beanbag & table & 5 flag race. We practice all these races endlessly so everyone knows exactly what the need to do!!

The Area competition date & venue are yet to be announced but will be in April/May – there are also sometimes interbranch friendly competitions. More details to follow.

If you are interested, please contact Briony Wade or just come along to a training session – all welcome.


The Area Quiz is the first Area competition of the year, to be held on Saturday 19th March.

We need teams comprising members as follows (ages all taken at 1.1.16)
1 under 12, 1 under 14, 1 under 16 and 1 under 25. One member may hold their AH test. Obviously all could be u12 but they would have to be very knowledgeable!

The Quiz takes place in a village hall and is suitable for members with a good general knowledge of all things horsey. Questions are asked to the team as a whole rather than to individuals (except in the practical round).
Quiz topics for this year are:

1. The Pony Club
2. Rider, Tack & Turnout for Rallies, Competitions and Hunting
3. Well-known Equestrian Venues in the UK

4. The Numbers Game and Missing Words
5. Practical Round (Individual)
6. Points of Horse (Juniors) and Know your Horse’s Ailments (Seniors) – in pairs
7. Picture Round
8. All the Queen’s Horses

If you would like to be considered for a team please come along to training with Lisa Kenyon on a Monday evening starting on Monday 22nd February at Hasketon Hall, Hasketon IP13 6JJ at 7.15pm after shooting training. Sessions will carry on until the Area competition in March.

Horse and Pony Care

The Horse and Pony Care competition is a hands-on version of the quiz taken in a working yard with ponies. We would like to enter both a Junior and Senior team this year.

Juniors – all need to be under 13 at 1.1.6, including one member under 12.
Seniors – all need to be 14 – 25 years at 1.1.16. One member must be 16 and under, and one may be between 21 – 25.

For more information and to see some sample questions, please follow the link to the Pony Club website:

Horse and Pony Care Competition

You can see that the topics covered are exactly those covered in the achievement badges and in the Horse and Pony Care section of the Pony Club tests. For Juniors the questions are based on the tests from D to C, and for the Seniors from C+ to AH.

We have a very good record at this competition and have reached the Championships for the last 2 years.

Art Competition
This is a prestigious competition open to all Pony Club members in 2 sections, Junior & Senior with the finalists’ work being displayed at the Pony Club championships in August. The competition is given a theme (last year it was ‘friendship’) and the work can be in any medium. Further details to follow once this year’s theme has been released.

Pony Racing

Whilst we don’t offer Pony Racing as a branch, we sometimes offer branch training days at the British Racing School, Newmarket. We are offering a Level 1 training on Saturday 12th March open to members aged 8 – 15. Please contact Julia Taylor on if you are interested, there are a couple of spaces left.

As Jackie Gill explained at the Parents’ evening, there is no need for any special equipment, tack or a racing pony! Level 1 is taken in the indoor arena so the members are in a secure environment. It is a great fun day with a great insight into the world of racing. You are videoed riding in the school and at the end of the session you back to the classroom to analyse your position and discuss how it all went.

We will hopefully run a Level 2 session later in the year but if anyone who already has their Level 1 and wishes to take their Level 2 they should contact for more information on their training days open to all. The BRS also holds week-long camps at Easter (29.3 – 2.4.16) and during the summer holidays (16 – 20.8.16) for children aged 11 -15. See the BRS website for further information: Please note that all vaccination records need to be up to date for ponies to attend any training days/camps. There is a Pony Club Race Day on 7th April at Ascot Racecourse for anyone interested.

There are definite benefits to attending a BRS course even if you’re not planning a career in racing – improving control and balance on your pony, learning a new discipline and looking around the amazing facility that is available on our doorstep.