Tuesday January 26, 2021
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Tests & Training

Tests and Achievement Badges

There are many levels of Pony Club tests for members to work towards starting with the E Test for beginner’s right up to the prestigious A Test.

The Pony Club Training structure encourages Members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind. You can download the Test training system to see what order they should be taken in.


  • Tracey Sayer runs C, C+, B, Lunging, B+, AH and A tests
  • Claire Kontofrios runs E, D, D+ plus the riding and road safety tests, which are, the pony club road rider mini badge and the pony club road rider badge.

The following tests require a completed nomination form, B, B+, lunging, AH and A test and can be found on the following link.


Currently Easton Harriers Pony Club very generously pays for all test entries. At C, C+ and B test stable management sessions are organised, generally 4/5 sessions. There is a fee payable for this. It is hoped that members attend all the stable management training offered and they are prepared to do plenty of revision for their test.

The Pony Club has launched a fantastic new E Learning website called www.PonyPrep.org , to enhance the sound vocational training its Members already receive.

The learning content of PonyPrep is taken from The Pony Clubs best-selling publication, The Manual www.PonyPrep.org of Horsemanship, and reproduced in conjunction with E Learning specialists HT2 as quizzes, videos and interactions. www.PonyPrep.org essentially comprises of three areas, Stables, Training and Competitions. This is suitable for E-C test.


PonyPrep Plus is based around the same concept as PonyPrep, enhancing the vocational training The Pony Club already offers, but as the next level on, it is based on The Pony Club’s C+ Efficiency Test and associated age bracket upwards, both in terms of content but also in look, feel and interactivity.



Forms below 

Test request form 2019 C-A

Test request form 2019 E-D+


Younger Members also enjoy collecting Achievement Badges.