Sunday October 25, 2020
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E, D & D+

The Pony Club Tests: E Test, D Test and D+ Test

E test recommended age: 4+. This is an official voluntary test for young new members. It is not necessary to either take or pass this test before attempting the D test.

D test recommended minimum age: 8. The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge is a prerequisite before taking the D Test.

D+ test recommended minimum age:10.

These tests are run by Easton Harriers. E and D tests are generally held at Easter and again in the summer holiday. D+ is usually held in the summer holiday.

The test is a whole; failure of any part (horse care or riding) constitutes failure of the whole

Ponies do not need to be plaited for these tests; tidy turnout is expected

Test request form 2019 C-A (1) Test request form 2019 E-D+