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East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt 

There will be a meet at Court Lodge Ashburnham, 11am 10 February, at which children will be especially welome.

In addition there will be hound exercise leaving from the Kennels at Catsfield aimed specifically for members of the Pony club.  Thursday 15th February.  Please be mounted at 9.30. Please phone before hand to arrange parking.

We meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11am.  Members are most welcome by prior arrangement with the Joint Masters or Hon’Secretary.  If you need contact details or further information please contact Hannah Taylor.


The meet was well attended by members qualifying for their hunt certificates as well as a number of first timers which was lovely to see.


Following a resounding rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to our hostess, Mrs Braxton, we all gathered on the bank for a huge group photograph before moving off up the drive, through the woods and into the Plantation.

Our joint master Ivan Massow, presiding over his first children’s meet, distributed eager volunteers amongst the hunt staff and everyone that wanted to got the opportunity to either Whip-in (thank you Ben and Jack, both ex ESPC members), or go with our Master Huntsman, Andrew Sallis.

Nancy Taylor and Eleanor Wheeler shared the field mastering for the day.

We had a lovely day hunting in glorious sunshine to return back to Brickyard Farm kitchen to enjoy the most delicious tea.  Thank you so much to all those involved for a highly successful day – no fallers!!!  Especially Sheenagh and David Braxton for amazing hospitality once again.

This was Andrew’s last Children’s meet with the ESRM Foxhounds.  We wish him well with his new appointment at the Kimblewick, which he takes up on May 1st and offer heartfelt thanks for his help and encouragement and good humour which have been instrumental in getting so many members out hunting during his ten seasons with us.

Well done to all those that received their hunt certificate and badge at the AGM.

For photographs of the Children’s Meet, please look on the Combat Moose Website.



Hounds will meet at 11am on 16th February at Brickyard Farm, Ashburnham by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs David Braxton.  Please contact Hannah Taylor for further information.

All welcome.

For those who have achieved their hunting certificates this season, these will be awarded by Mr Sallis at the AGM.  As far as I am aware the following are due certificates:


Nancy Taylor

Katie Titmus


Charlie Saunders

Billy Marshall

Kayleigh Sandall



Jemima Braxton

Jess Roberts

Katie Hipkins

Oliver Clarke

Beth Hobden

Nettie Claire

Please let me know if I have forgotten anybody.


Last season;

During the October half term 38 children from the ESPC and RMPC attended a hunting talk given by Andrew Sallis and John Bartlett.  With their new found knowledge most members then went out hunting the next morning.  Several people commented on how wonderfully well mannered and helpful all the Pony Club members were.  Many thanks to Andrew and John for your time and patience.

The following members attended the Hunting evening and came hunting the following day;

Beth Hobden

Cora & Nancy Taylor

Katie Titmus

Angus & Georgina Morgan

Charlie Saunders

Katie Hipkins

Billy Marshall

Nettie Claire

Kaleigh Sandall

Lizbie Wallace

Jemima Braxton

Jess Roberts

Annie, Hermione, Humphrey, Arthur and Oliver attended the evening but did not ride the following day.

All these members have now achieved or nearly achieved their Hunting Certificates.  Do come hunting over the Christmas holidays to make sure that we get the opportunity to see you demonstrate your independence, knowledge of hunting and helpfulness on the hunting field.

Hunting certificates will be awarded at the AGM.

If you would like to register your interest in achieving your hunting certificate, please email me. or 07867 784171


Children’s Meet- East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt – February 18th 2016

I started the day by meeting Melissa and Kayleigh along with Duncan and Georgina at the Ashburnham Chapel, just up the road from Brickyard where the Meet was being held. We then hacked down to the meet for 11:00. Topaz, Kayleigh’s pony had to trot at everyone else’s walk speed, all the ponies looked very smart with their manes plaited.

Once we arrived at the Meet we tucked into the delicious course of hot sausage rolls and sweets that were being taken around and washed them down with soft drinks that were handed out. We met up with many other children all ready for a great days hunting and to learn what happens whilst hunting. Some people you may know from our pony club were Jemima, Humphrey, Arthur, Harriet, Jessica and Nancy. At the meet we not only ate and drank but also socialized with each other and the horses had the opportunity to get to know the hounds as the Master Huntsman (Mr Andrew Sallis) and Whipper inn (Mr Jack Henty) arrived with the hounds. After a few minutes our Master Huntsman gave his thanks to Mr and Mrs Braxton for holding the Meet and to Sarah Braxton for being field master and all the other thank you’s he had to mention.

 At the beginning the Master Huntsman asked me to ride up front with him. During my day I rode with him and had to do all the gates for the hounds and count them to make sure we hadn’t left any behind. I also had the job of holding Harry (The Masters Huntsman’s horse who had been kindly lent by Mrs Akerman for the day) while he ran into areas where the horses could not reach. During the day I did lots of galloping as the hounds ran their best all season and were so quick that we couldn’t keep up with them so we had to trample through woods and jump lots of ditches and fences to keep up with them. During the day I also learnt many useful tips; no barbed wire fence is good for a hound, hounds like going under fences and making holes, the horn tells the hounds where you are and the noises made by the Huntsman are to encourage the hounds to hunt and also to work together. Finally the most useful one is that they can move very fast and are hard to stop once they are running but it is easy to tell where they are by the amount of noise they make.

While I was having my amazing day, the field were also having a great day as they had jumped some small jumps but there were ways round for anyone who didn’t want to and had some long gallops. During the day they covered many miles as they went in the direction of the hounds but kept their distance and kept to the tracks.

I had an amazing day and one I’ll never forget. I would like to say thank you on behalf of everyone to all of the joint masters and all the hunt staff for a great day and brilliant season and to the Braxtons for holding the Meet and to all the land owners whose ground we went over on the day but also throughout the season.

Angus Morgan

For other dates and venues of meets, please, in the first instance contact Hannah,  07867 784171.


Coakham Bloodhounds

 To book in please call nick wheeler on t: 01435 830571 mobile : 0772 9034546 For further details on booking in and for those going out for the first time check the bloodhound website WWW.COAKHAMBLOODHOUNDS.COM/