Saturday July 20, 2019
Working Rallies

Working Rallies are open to all. They are a 2hr session containing riding and stable management, developing your skills in preparation for your next Efficiency Test. 

They usually run every Wednesday during the February half term, Easter, May half term and October half term. 

Please look at the diary of events for the exact date and bookings will be taken online only. 

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me Ami Pitman. 


Beige or fawn jodhpurs with either black or brown smooth soled jodhpur or long riding boots.  Half chaps or gaiters the same colour as your boots( no fringes). Shirt and PC tie to be worn with a hacking jacket with your PC badge and felt on the left lapel. Hatsilks must be black or navy.  Numnahs to be plain black, navy , brown or white, no embellishments. coats may be worn in cold weather.  Hairnets must be worn by girls.  Gloves should be either string, black, navy, brown or white.  It is not neccessary to plait your pony.

Remember that ponies should be plaited for tests.