Saturday July 20, 2019

Tweseldown 16/17th April 2019

Exciting news we are runing an early season event training camp for those working towards and beyond their B test, at Tweseldown on the 16/17th April 2019,  we will have use of their dressage, show jumps ,3 flagged cross country courses  and timed section. With top instruction these 2 days will be the perfect way to warm up for the Summer  season ahead . 



Test Training Dates


October 3rd: B Stable management, 7pm

October 7th: B+ Training, 10-1pm

October 17th: AH Stable management, 7pm

October 21st: B+ Training, 10-1pm

October 24th: B/B+ Clinic, 6pm, Petley

October 31st: B/B+ Clinic, 6pm, Petley


November 7th: B Stable management, 7pm

November 14th: B/B+ Clinic, 6pm Petley

November 21st: AH stable management, 7pm

November 28th: B/B+ Clinic, 6pm, Petley


December 5th: B Stable management, 7pm

December 12th: B/B+ Clinic, Petley, 6pm

December 19th: AH Stable management, 7pm




2018 Passes

B Test (complete) Megan Bassett, Katie Hipkins, Tia Whiteman and Duncan Morgan

B test care Lauran and Katie Brian Davis and William Todd Dunning

William and Angus Morgan both passed their lunging exam, a qualification that follows on from the B test care.

Katie, Tia and Duncan both took and passed their Level 1 coaching qualification.

C+ Ruby Norman, Paris Crump, Netty Clare, Georgina Morgan, Freya Henry, Kayleigh Fry, Jemima Braxton



Feb WR: D+; Evelyn Dzagon, Martha Lillicrap, Amelia Smith, Madison Walker

2016 passes

Feb WR; D+; Katie Latham, Emily Ottley, Cameron Wallace Carville, Amber Townshend, Archie Wells, Megan Warwick.

April WR; D+; Ruby Norman, D; Oliver Hipkins,

June WR; D+ Keira Whiteman, D; Hermione Joyce, Elizabeth Joyce, Lily Hunt, Madison Walker E; Sophia Chambers

Road Test Achievement Badge; Emily Ottley, Ewan McCleave, Amber Townshend, Fleur Jeffery,

Road Rider Test; Megan Bassett, Katie B-Davis, Lauren B-Davis, Eileen Beach, Charlotte Cluff, Emma Folwell, Maia Lambert, Alessandro Nard, Millie Pollard, Cora Taylor, Saffron Townshend, Scarlette Giles

July;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         C; India Jarrett-Potts, Emily Ottley, Ewan McCleave, Daisy Evi                                                                                                                      B; Elle Bartlett                                                                                                                                                                                                                         C+; Katie & Lauren Brian- Davis, Millie Pollard, Esme Higgs, Megan Bassett & Eileen Beach                                                               D+;Arthur & Humphery Braxton, Lydia Hugo, Fleur Jeffery, Freddie Saunders                                                                                       D;  Lilian Collett, Charles Crawford, Holly Curd, Jessica Mathews, Rosie Maynard-Watkins, Summer McCelland, Olivia Pay, Madison Walker, Hebe Warren.                                                                                                                                                                          E; Tilly Austin, Freddie Funnell, David King, Freddie Rolfe, Daisy Fox

August;                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lunging; Georgina Boult, Rosie Powell, Elle Bartlett, Oliver Grainge                                                                                                           E;  Charlie Hobden, Bethany Hobden, Molly Gingell, Mathilda Kirkman                                                                                                      C; Georgina Morgan, Kayleigh Sandell, Netty Claire,AmyPowell                                                                                                                   B Care; Eden F Payne, Angus Morgan, Scarlett Vereker, Holly White, Milli Wright, Alex Williams, Billy Marshall                 B; Alfie Marshall

September;                                                                                                                                                                                                                  C+Care ; Isobel Southouse, Ewan McCleave                                                                                                                                       C+; Duncan Morgan, Katie Hipkins, Rose Chaplin, Riley Wootten, Jessica Roberts, Tia Whiteman, Charlotte Cluff                 B;  Bindi Vereker, Hannah Williams                                                                                                                                                                                A; Jessica Folwell




2015 passes

Congratulations to all those who took and achieved their first or next Standard Achievement Level this year.
A Test; Gabi Pitman
1st half of the A Test; Jess Folwell, Megan Gowland
AH Test; Eleanor Simes
Lunging; Claudine Wallace
B Test; Natasha Bird, Georgia Boult, Oliver Grainge
B Riding; Rebecca Amess, Rosie Powell
B Care; Bethany Thompson, Antonia Wallace
C+ Test; Molly Bartlett, Jessecca Chapman, Eden Freeman-Payne, Isabella Gillam, Billy Marshall, Angus Morgan, Amber Pryor, Molly Saunders, Nancy Taylor, Libby Verdon-Dimmock, Holly White, Alexandra Williams.
C+ Care; Esme Higgs
Road Test; Molly Bartlett, Natasha Bird, Georgia Boult, Jessecca Chapman, Oliver Grainge, Eden Freeman-Payne, Isabella Gillam, Esme Higgs, Alfie Marshall, Billy Marshall, Izzie Marshall, Angus Morgan, Amber Pryor, Molly Saunders, Isobel Southouse, Nancy Taylor, Bethany Thompson, Katie Titmuss, Katie Tuckett-Hipkins, Libby Verdon-Dimmock, Bindi and Scarlett Vereker, Antonia Wallace, Sorcha Wallace-Carville, Holly White, Alexandra Williams, Hannah Williams, Tia Whiteman, Milli Wright.
C Test; Megan Bassett, Jemima Braxton, Katie and Lauren Brian-Davis, Georgina Brown, Emma Folwell, Charlie Hamilton, Maia Lambert, Alessandro Nard, Milly Park, Jessica Roberts, Charlie Saunders, Kate Sim-Read, Isobel Southouse, Cora Taylor, Sorcha Wallace-Carville, Tia Whiteman. Riley Wootten
D+ Test; Paris Crump, Freya Henry, Scarlette Giles, Poppy Ellis, India Jarrett-Potts, Araminta Knight, Netty Claire, Georgina Morgan, Amelia Prior, Emily Martin, Hannah Parsons, Kayleigh Sandell, Ewan McCleare.
D Test; Olivia Collett, Georgie Cloke, Evelyn Dzagon, Lucy Davey, Ziggy Henry, Lula Isaac, Ruby and Isla Norman, Cameron Wallace-Carville, Archie Wells
E Test; Lucy Cox, Beatrice Crawford, Coco Isaac, Dekota Kane, Lilli Lewis, Nicole Smith, Brooke Wells.