Saturday July 20, 2019
Younger Members

We are proud to be an inclusive, fun pony club and welcome members from 3 years old. We run some events and activities purely for our younger and / or less experienced members, which focus on having fun in a relaxed environment. Through these fun events, children develop confidence and balance without even realising they’re learning.

Younger members are also welcome to and encouraged to join in with pony club teams if they would like to; we have recently had 3 and 4 year old members on games, Tetrathlon and SJ teams.
Lead rein riders, those just off the lead rein and those who are riding independently but need to build confidence are all very welcome.
If you have any suggestions for events or activities that you would like to see for our younger members please contact Lucy Dixon-Thompson on

We run lots for our younger members including  fun days, combined training , TET, mounted games and mini show jumping starting at poles on the ground,  all the disciplines and dates on the calendar page are suitable for younger members with the only exception being pure dressage where children have to  be over 7 and need to be able to ride independently.