Wednesday February 26, 2020


The Enfield Chace Hunt Pony Club is linked with the Cambridgeshire hunt after they merged a few years ago. Pony Club members are encouraged to follow the hunt. There is a Newcomers meet and children’s meet each year specifically to encourage pony club members who do not otherwise hunt.

All members who are able to confidently control their ponies are welcome. Younger children may attend on lead rein.
Everyone must notify Wendy Manning MFH on 01438 832269 the night before the meet. Bring £10 cap in an envelope with your name on it to give to the secretary at the meet.


Children who have passed their C test may hunt on other days with permission. The cap for these days is £10 for under 18 year olds.

Like every discipline in the equestrian world there are rules.

All members must be turned out in PC regulation crash hat with hair tied back and in hairnets (for girls), hacking jacket, fawn coloured jodhpurs, PC ties or correctly tied coloured stocks, black or brown jodhpur boots (either without chaps or with the same coloured chaps) gloves and as many clothes underneath as you need to keep you warm and dry. Back protectors are encouraged but if they are worn outside the jacket MUST be dark coloured, not cross-country colours.


You and your pony must be clean to start the day – despite the fact you will not be 20mins after the meet!
Before Coming Out
All members MUST be accompanied by an adult unless you have your C test, in which case, the felt must be worn under your Pony Club badge on your jacket. I highly recommend that if you, or your pony, have not been hunting before, even if you have your C test, that you arrange to go with a adult the first few times.
You must always ring Wendy Manning MFH on 01438 832269 the night before the meet to get her permission. She will be able to tell you where the meet is and the best place to park.


On The Day

Firstly you must remember that you will be riding over people’s private land so please treat it with respect. Without the generosity of the land owners we would not be able to hunt at all.
The Hounds meet at 11 am and move off by 11.15. Arrive before 11. Do not be late. At the meet you must first find the Hunt sectretary and give him your money, He will be wearing a red coat and have a little satchel for collecting the days cap (money). Please make sure that your money, £10 on a normal day, is in an envelope with your name on the front.
The Field Master for the day is the next person to find. He will be wearing a Green Armband. You must stay behind him at all times or risk being sent home.




Beware of horses with red ribbons on their tails, which indicate that they will kick you, or green ones which are young horses and could do anything. Keep your eyes open and look ahead so you can see what’s coming.

Please try and make sure that your brakes are working well! It is very exciting for your ponies to be out with so many – remember they are herd animals. The hunting field is not a race track.

While you are out hunting it very important that you are polite to others and do not make a nuisance of yourself with bad language or loud voices.
While jumping you must always stay straight and don’t get too close to the one in front. If you stop, do not let your pony run left or right along the front of the fence. Get out of the way as quickly as possible. Remember that there might be several other horses coming in behind you.

NEVER jump by an open gate. Do not canter off through gates or over wooden bridges until the horse behind you is either over the bridge or through the gate. Never approach a gate at speed or straight at it or you might end up trying to jump it and not getting there.

When going round a ploughed field please keep well into the side, look out for holes and don’t get too close to the horse in front. ALWAYS pass back messages that will be fed back to you from the person in front, particularly if it is to SHUT the gate – “Gate Please!”. If you come across any gate that is shut when you arrive, please make sure you shut it behind you.

You must always stay out of the way of the Huntsman who is with the Hounds. Always face your pony towards them if they come past you, so that your pony cannot kick them.

If you do fall off, people are very kind and will bring your pony back, but please make an effort to run after it, if you are ok, and get back on as soon as possible. Do not forget to thank the person who has helped you, try and get their name so you can also ring and thank later

If you have any queries about any of this please ring

Wendy Manning MFH on 01438 832269