Wednesday February 26, 2020
New Hat Regulations

Parents and members are advised that there are some important changes to Hat Regulations that will take effect from January 2016

The European Union is withdrawing hats marked (BS)EN1384 from its approved list.

The Pony Club will therefore not allow any hats marked (BS)EN1384

after the 31st December 2015.

All hats with this standard, even if they have a purple hat tag, will not be eligible for use at Pony Club events after January 1st 2016

Hats with PAS015, Snell 2001 and AS/NZS 3838 must be retagged with the new white hat tag.

From 1st January 2016 only white tagged hats will be acceptable.

Members should not be tempted to purchase new hats that do not carry the required standards.

There may well be a number of (BS)EN1384 hats on sale at a great

bargain but they will not be allowed to be worn at Pony Club events, rallies or activities. This rule will also apply to BSJA, BE and Riding clubs .

If anyone is uncertain of this new ruling please do visit The Pony Club website for further information or consult a member of The Committee.