Wednesday February 26, 2020
Presentation of awards for 2017


Bury Farm 2017 Pony Club Presentation

Bury Farm 2017
Pony Club Presentation


Thank you everyone for such an exciting 2017, we celebrated everyone’s achievements on Saturday at Bury Farm where members were treated to a course walk of the Olympia Qualifier class, golly there were some big fences, and a lovely 2 course meal.

Our Senior Show Jumpers had a particularly good year with 3,( Nancy Cannon, Charlotte Copeland and Katie Waldock) from Enfield Chace representing Area at Windsor, Nancy winning and Katie coming in reserve. Charlotte then went on later in the year to qualify for the Championships. Keep up the good work girls. We have the opportunity to send a team for the 1.15m at Hickstead this year which is an exciting prospect.

Enfield Chace Hunt Pony Club Presentation and awards for 2017

Joan Middleton Trophy Ambassador for Enfield Chace Charlotte Copeland
Norah Christie All Round Performance Katie Reid
Russell Dore Senior ODE Hannah Maloney
Pascal Poacher Rally attendance Holly Hall
Christie Tack and Turn out Rally turnout Liberty Burgess
Sylvia Young Senior Camp Cup Olivia Marshall
Junior Camp Cup
Polo Improver x
Canejo Polo x
Fordham Junior ODE/Equitation Ruby Robinson
Flying Saucer Most Improved Dressage Ruby Robinson
Dressage Drew Cummins  
Dragon Cup Mounted Games Maisey Gubb
Rose Bowl Tet/XC D’arcy Wright/Connie
Rose Bowl Most improved Show Jumping Talia Da Prato
Senior DC Nieve Baker
Junior DC Daisy Westrope
Go For It Sophie Justice
Magic All Round horse/pony Little Freddie
Members Trophy Kim Watson Senior Members
Glory Be Challenging Horse/pony Jack Catlin
Round To it Jo Gubb
Road Safety Cup Connie Harrington
Always tries Maddison Curtis
Pleasure to teach Juniors Freya Capon, Archie Gubb, Milly Mason, Aine Tivnann Ciara Mccomb
Seniors Milla Kingston, Sorcha Mccomb, Lottie Johns,

 Abby Bird.

Most Spectacular fall Rosie Fountain
Special Award Mollie Palmer Attendance of the Champs.
Show Jumping League Sash 10 yrs and Under

11-12 yrs


15 yrs and over

Layla O Boyle

Cami Hawes

Jenny Hamshere

Katie Waldock Smith

Mounted Games Trophy Connie Harrington

Antonia Final

Harleigh Speroni

Archie Gubb

Maisey Gubb

Aine Tivnann

Daisy Westrope

Ruby Robinson

D’arcy Wright

Mollie Palmer

Gosling Cup Liberty Burgess

Katie Reid

Sophie Justice

Jenny Hamshere

Lottie Johns

Connie Harrington


Medals for teams

Mounted Games

Tyler Hicklin                                        Mollie Palmer

Millie Mason                                      Ruby Robinson

Charlotte Cox                                    Harleigh Speroni

Thomas Cox                                       Antonia Final

Holly Hall                                              Maisey Gubb



Harrison Travers

D’arcy Wright

Connie Harrington

Maddie Curtis

Amelia Buchan



Olivia Long

Freya Messling

Drew Cummings



Kim Watson

Ellie Midgley

Tayla Merrell

Jade Short



Emily Copeland

Hannah Maloney

Lottie Johns

Katie Reid


Show Jumping

Sorcha Mccomb, Isla Jones, Sophie Justice, Matlida Thomas, Grace Catlin, Milla Kingston, Leah Smithson, Olivia Marshall, Aine Tivnann, Daisy Westrope, Nieve Baker, Connie Harrington, Cami Hawes, Katie Waldock Smith, Jenny Hamshere, Charlotte Copeland, Archie Gubb, Lucy Gilbertson, Lucy Govey, Rosie Fountain, Layla O Boyle, Nancy Cannon, Liberty Burgess, Talia Da Prato



Pony Club Championship news

Success at the Championships for two of our members.
Mollie Palmer and her team came 4th in junior Polocross
Charlotte Copeland came 9th out of 77 in the Intermediate Show Jumping.

Charlotte Copeland and Brax

Polocross Are a 8 team at the Championships

Polocross Are a 8 team at the Championships

Windsor Win for Enfield Chace


Wow what an afternoon with 3 girls from Enfield Chace  representing our Area for pony club at Windsor.

Area 8 Pony Club Show Jumping at Windsor

Area 8 Pony Club Show Jumping at Windsor

Fantastic role models for the younger members as all 3 girls rode beautifully. A win for Nancy, just piping Katie Waldock-smith into 2nd place. An unlucky draw for Charlotte going first and being rushed to start took its toll with the first fence falling with the lightest of touches. The course was challenging with only 7 clears.
Well done girls!!!

Team Show Jumping at The Game Fair – Friday July 28th 2017

For 2017 The Game Fair are pleased to announce a New Pony Club team Show Jumping Competition.  For heights of 80cm, 90cm and 1m

Enfield Chace are hosts for this exciting new team Show Jumping competition at The Game Fair  Hatfield House on Friday July 28th July.  The Game Fair is a large and vibrant event and offers pony club members the opportunity to compete at a big event with a big atmosphere. Branches are invited, numbers permitting, to enter no more than 2 teams in each class.

Overnight stabling is available for those travelling and wishing to enjoy the event after they have jumped.
logo - game fair

Awards for 2016

A truly fabulous afternoon at Bury Farm to celebrate the achievements of our members from 2016 ;. Bury Farm once again provided a splendid roast dinner and members enjoyed the Show Jumping.

The Gubb Family have kindly donated a new PPC trophy in memory of Dragon a pony that they very sadly lost earlier this month. Archie Gubb was the first recipient of this beautiful new addition to our Trophies.

Awards Lunch at Bury Farm

Awards Lunch at Bury Farm

Prizes awarded were

Joan Middleton Trophy-Ambassador for Enfield Chace- Not Awarded

Norah Christie All Round Performance-Liberty Burgess
Russell Dore- Senior ODE- Ellie Midgley
Pascal Poacher – Rally attendance – Ruby Robinson
Christie Tack and Turn out – Rally turnout – Cydney Harrington
Sylvia Young – Senior Camp Cup – Mia
Junior Camp Cup – Maddie Marshall
Polo Improver x
Canejo Polo x
Fordham Junior – ODE/Equitation Connie H,
Flying Saucer Most Improved Dressage – Freya Messling
Dressage Emily Copeland
Dragon Cup Mounted Games Archie Gubb
Rose Bowl Tet/XC D’arcy Wright
Rose Bowl Most improved Show Jumping Jade Short
Senior DC Katie W.S
Junior DC Mollie Palmer
Go For It Cami Hawes
Magic All Round horse/pony Mickey
Members Trophy Charlotte Copeland
Glory Be Challenging Horse/pony Amber
Round To it Tammy Wright
Road Safety Cup x
Always tries Lottie Johns
Pleasure to teach Matilda, Lucy Govey, Holly, Maddie T, Rosie, Hannah, Lauren, D’arcy, Olivia M
Show Jumping League Sash
10 yrs and Under -Cami Hawes
11-12 yrs -Jenny Hamshere
13-14yrs – Nieve Baker /Liberty Burgess Adams
15 yrs and over -Katie W.S
Club Gilet – Show Jumping -Nancy Cannon/Charlotte Copeland
Double Clear Sash
Blenheim Eventer Trial -Charlotte Copeland/Katie W.S
Gosling Cup Liberty Burgess

A Huge thank you to parents, members and of course our wonderful committee

Team Show Jumping Success

We had 5 teams attend the Fitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club Show Jumping at the Peterborough Show Ground. Such a lovely show and a great place to compete at.

There was as always stiff competition and our members competed well with several younger members gaining double clears.

Success for our 1m and 1.10m teams who both won their classes.

Well done girls.

Talia, Emily, Charlotte and Nancy

Talia, Emily, Charlotte and Nancy

Talia, Jade, Charlotte and class winner Nancy

Talia, Jade, Charlotte and class winner Nancy

Racing Certificates

Members have enjoyed learning about racing this summer with several taking their level 1,2 and 3 racing certificates. Katie Reid went on to race at Wincanton in the novice and won.

Thanks to Belmont Racing Stables for the use of their fabulous facilities and to  Patrick and Julia Scott from the British Racing school and Pony Racing Authority for their excellent coaching.

We hope to host more days next year.

Photo is of  Molly Palmer and Womble putting their training to use on the gallops.

Molly and womble

Katie Highest placed pony club member at BSJA National Championships

Congratulations to Katie Waldock-Smith Junior Show Jumper , the highest placed Pony Club Member in the 148 and Under class at the British Showjumping National Championships. Katie was a member of the 2014 Rider Development Pathway Squad, and was delighted with Clailu Saffron’s performance and how much she has improved.


Katies BSJA.Pony Club

Presentation evening at Bury Farm February 27th



We will once again be returning to Bury farm for our Presentation evening.

Don’t miss the one of the most entertaining nights of the year at Bury Farm on Saturday 27th February 2016 which will be run in memory of Russell Pearson and with the blessing of Tony and the Pearson family

Tickets for presentation evening are now on sale.

booking form – Presentation evening 16


Fitzwilliam Hunt Team Show Jumping – Win

We had 6 teams go and compete yesterday at the team showjumping hosted by Fitzwilliam Hunt Pony Club at Peterborough show ground. Such a super atmosphere and a great opportunity for members of all abilities with classes from 55cm-110cm.. Then some lovely rounds in the 75 and 80cm followed by what is now becoming our annual battle with East Herts pony club who we finished on an equal score against in the 1m. This year however we were a bit quicker so our turn to take the trophy home.

A few members then had their first attempt at the 110cm which was no small feat where Charlotte Copeland rode a stunning round on Brax to win the individual first place.
Well done everyone.

Amelia Buchan and Storm in the 55cm


Success for Lucy Gilbertson who won the 55cm and a team 6th place