Wednesday February 26, 2020
Rally Etiquette

Can we please remind you of the usual request re DOGS.  If dogs have to come with you to Pony Club events (and we strongly advise you to leave them at home if you can) they must be left inside vehicles or, if hot, tied up (very short) to your vehicle.  It is not fair to expect our hosts or other members to put up with boisterous hounds or their mess!

Venues for all fixtures are subject to change/confirmation as weather and ground conditions are always a major factor.  Please check with the person organising the event if in doubt.

Practices for all disciplines are taking place.  If you would like to join in, please contact the relevant Committee member.

Remember it is up to you to make contact with them.  All activities are arranged to cater for all levels of expertise and are grouped accordingly.

 Note for Parents:

When you bring your child to Pony Club activities you should not go away and leave them unattended.  Parents of children under 8 must be there all the time.  Older children should only be left in cases of necessity.  Under these circumstances please ensure that you nominate and agree with another parent to be in charge of your child during your absence.  Also, we are indebted to a great number of people for the use of their training facilities so, out of courtesy and respect, please ensure that you clear any mess you have made in the parking areas before you leave.

Please note there is a Code of Conduct in place for all parents and children when representing Enfield Chace. Failure to comply with this will result in a permanent ban to compete in teams and future competitions.

Just a reminder about Dress Code for Practises:  For all Pony Club events. other than competitions or rallies, you are required to wear a branch sweatshirt (or plain dark sweatshirt) with a collared shirt or polo shirt underneath. Hat conforming to Pony Club rules,(details at beige/light jodhpurs and jodhpur boots. Body protectors must be worn when jumping. If you have any doubts, please contact a committee member for clarification. 

Please Note

Body Protectors are now compulsory for show jumping and cross country. 

Skull caps are also now compulsory for solid cross country fences.

Please note that entry slips for all events and practises must be sent by post to the relevant Committee Member, together with payment for the full amount. This makes it much easier for organisers to have an idea of numbers and abilities, so that they can book the appropriate Instructors.

If you book a confirmed place and don’t turn up or cancel in good time, you may still have to pay to cover the costs incurred.