Wednesday February 26, 2020
What to Wear



Branch merchandise, sweatshirts, polo shirts etc. can be purchased from 

Go to their website, select “Clubs”, scroll down and click on the Enfield Chace logo.

Pony Club ties and badges can be purchased from our Membership Secretary, contact Sally Hawes 


The Pony Club expects members to wear plain dress. Any extra detail is marked down in tack and turnout. New equipment is not expected, but what is worn must be safe, clean, neat and tidy. For Pony Club competitions, it is the members’ responsibility to ensure that their dress is in accordance with the rules. These can be found on the pony club website under each discipline. If in any doubt or require any advice, please contact the DC or discipline manager.

If it is cold or raining, a plain dark jacket can be worn, but no hoods.


For all Pony Club events, other than Competitions or Rallies, you are required to wear a branch sweatshirt with logo (or plain dark sweatshirt) with a collared shirt or polo shirt underneath. Hat conforming to Pony Club rules, (details at beige/light jodhpurs and jodhpur boots. Branch navy rugby shirt or skin can be worn for cross country practice.

Body protectors are compulsory for show jumping and cross country and skull caps are compulsory when jumping solid cross country fences.



Hats – hat or silk must be black or navy. It must conform to official Pony Club rules and this must be tagged by the DC.
Hairnet – to be worn with the exception of very short hair.
Gloves – black, brown, navy or white.
Shirt – collared, white with Pony Club tie.
Jackets – tweed with a Pony Club tie or stock, or navy blue or black with a Pony Club tie or white or cream hunting stock PLUS Pony Club badge with test felt.
Pony Club Sweatshirt  – A pony club sweatshirt or navy blue sweatshirt is acceptable instead of a jacket. Hoodies are not suitable for riding in but may be worn for the stable management part
Jodhpurs – must be beige/light coloured NOT white
Boots – black or brown jodhpur boots with or without black or brown half chaps or gaiters, or long riding boots. These must have smooth soles.


All tack should be black or brown. Boots should be black, brown or white. Saddle cloths should be plain black, brown, navy or white (with or without the branch logo) but no coloured binding.


There are Rule books for each discipline which can be viewed on the Pony Club website. These give full details of what to wear, tack, etc. However, if you require a hard copy, these can be ordered through the Harry Hall Website Briefly, the guidelines are:-

Jewellery – may not be worn but you can wear a stock pin placed horizontally, or tie clip.

Prize Giving – you must be correctly dressed in your competition riding clothes.

Ring Etiquette – please don’t stand in walkways.  Pass left hand to left hand.  Riders using a slower pace should take the inside track.

Bad language – is NOT tolerated and if used may result in disqualification.

Hats – For all disciplines you must wear a hat, which has been tagged as being the correct standard (see Hat Rules).  If your chinstrap comes undone in a competition, you must do it up or replace it before continuing.


Hats – hat or silk must be black or navy.
Hairnet – to be worn with the exception of very short hair.
Jodhpurs – must be beige.
Riding boots and chaps – plain black or brown half chaps worn with standard riding or jodhpur boots of the same colour are allowed.  Tassels are not allowed. Standard riding boots or jodhpur boots must have a smooth, fairly thin sole, and a well defined square cut heel.  No other footwear will be allowed.
Jackets – tweed with a Pony Club tie or stock, or navy blue or black with a Pony Club tie or white or cream hunting stock PLUS Pony Club badge with test felt.
Gloves – all competitiors must wear gloves
Spurs – you need permission of the DC to wear spurs.  If you don’t hold your B Test, you need written proof of this permission.  Spurs must be blunt.  If the spurs are curved, the curve must be downwards and the shank must point straight to the back. The shank must not be more than 3cm long.
Whips – may be carried in the test (except for Prix Caprilli).
Saddle – brown or black.
Girth – white, cream or dark coloured.
Bridle – plain black or tan leather only with no white or coloured decoration on the noseband or browband.
Numnahs/Saddleclothes: white, cream, navy, brown or black only.  Any piping must be the same colour.
Bits – snaffle – there are different types. Please discuss any doubts with dressage manager.  No bit guards allowed.
Nosebands – cavesson, drop or flash
Boots/Bandages/Neckstraps – may be worn to work in but NOT during the test.

As for Dressage with the following amendments:-
Saddlecloths and pads – plain in Branch Colours with logos (up to 200 sq cms) are allowed.
Hats –
hat or silk must be black or navy.
Whips – must be no longer than 75 cm and no shorter than 45 cm overall.
Martingales – Irish, standing, running or bib are allowed. Must be brown or black.
Nosebands – Cavesson, Drop, Flash, Grackle, Combination or Kineton.
Bits – snaffle, pelham or curb, kimblewick, gag snaffle, continental and American gags. (please discuss any doubts with show jumping manager). Bit guards are allowed but must be made of rubber and smooth on both sides.
Boots- may be worn but must be black, white or brown.

As for show jumping with the following changes:
Cross country shirt –
polo neck sweater or shirt with long sleeves and stock are recommended. Team cross country colours are usually allowed, but are at the discretion of the organisers.

Whips – are not allowed in the dressage phase from level 3 upwards
Hat – fixed peak hats are not allowed.  A silk in cross country colours may be worn.
Body protector conforming to current safety standards ( 2009 ) and medical armband are compulsory.


The Enfield Chace team colours for Polo and Mounted Games are emerald green and golden yellow and for Cross Country Burgundy  However, the respective discipline manager will advise what to wear and when, so please speak to them when you first participate. can supply Rugby shirts and undergear in our club colours, which will have ECHPC printed down the arm and the option to have the member’s name on the collar.