Sunday May 29, 2022
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What to Wear

Evening/Junior/Senior Training Rallies

  • Please dress smartly, ideally in a white shirt and PC tie or an EHNPC navy polo or skin. Alternatively you could wear a plain dark / white top (no other colours)
  • Beige or plain dark jods (no other colours)
  • Please ensure your hats are tagged – if not please let a committee member know.
  • Long hair must be tied back in a hairnet – no earrings. 

Summer Full Day Rallies at Berwick and Junior and Senior Camps

At summer rallies and camps we encourage members to dress in a traditional and more formal way. At these events marks are given for tack and turnout so the list below should help you.

◾Plain beige or cream jodhpurs or breeches.
◾Black or brown long “top” boots, or jodhpur boots with or without gaitors or plain half chaps of a matching colour to your boots. No tassles please! No Wellington boots, muckers or trainers.
◾Jackets should be tweed, but black or navy jackets are acceptable if you don’t have a tweed jacket. You should wear your Pony Club Badge on the lapel of your jacket. No buttonholes (flowers) or other badges should be worn.
◾Hats must be to the correct standard (please see our Safety Rules page under the General Information tab) and must have been tagged by a committee member before you ride in it. For cross country, no fixed peaks are allowed, so crash hats only. If you only have one hat, then it should be a crash hat with a plain navy or black cover.
◾You should wear a LONG SLEEVE plain shirt with your EHNPC pony club tie.
◾Long hair should be tied back or in a hairnet.
◾NO JEWELLERY is allowed.
◾You should wear plain riding gloves.
◾For cross country, you may wear a rugby shirt and coloured silk on your crash hat if you prefer.
◾Body protectors to current PC rules (please see Safety Rules page under the General Information tab) are required for XC activities and recommended for all jumping. They must be fitted correctly.
◾Spurs may not be worn unless you have your B test, or in special circumstances you may ask your DC to sign the back of your membership card to give you permission. This will only be done after the DC has spoken with your instructor.

◾Correctly fitting plain black or brown leather bridle with all straps tucked in to keepers neatly.
◾Plain rubber or leather reins in black or brown.
◾English leather or synthetic saddle.
◾PLAIN saddle cloth or numnah (navy, white, cream, black or brown), without logos, piping or writing on. Numnahs awarded as prizes at PC Champs are allowed.
◾Plain black or brown jumping boots.

You do not need to have NEW clothes or tack but what you have must fit well, be in a good state of repair and be CLEAN.

For Tack and Turnout:
For optimum marks in tack and turnout at a rally, your pony’s mane and tail should be plaited, hooves oiled (inside and out), and your clothes and your tack should be spotlessly CLEAN.

Please don’t worry if you don’t know how to do any of this, Pony Club is for learning these sorts of things, just come as clean and tidy as you can and your instructor will help you to learn such skills in Stable Management sessions.