Saturday December 9, 2023
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You must be there to compete on time.

NUMBER BIBS – You will need your own number bib and to print your own bib numbers and bring them with you to the event. There is a link to a Printable Number if you click on your name in your relevant class or if you type your name into the search box and click “Printable Number”. Remember to print one for each side of your number bib and one for your lorry or car. Or you might have a Bibnet or a Bibeaze! You will need 3 copies.

COURSE WALKING – The course will be available to walk from 2pm-6.00pm on Saturday 18th 

You may also walk the course on the day but please be very careful not to get in the way of horses on the course! Listen out for our Fence Judges whistles.

HAT TAGGING – Hats can be tagged at the Secretary’s Tent and please ensure you have a Body Protector with up to date standard markings. Hats and Body Protectors can be checked at the tent. 

WITHDRAWALS ON THE DAY: Email (withdrawal notifications appreciated)

ROSETTES – We won’t have official prize givings but rosettes will be available once scoring is finalised at the end of each class. If you would like us to post your rosette, please leave a large SAE with Large Letter Stamp!

BERWICK POSTCODE & ONE WAY SYSTEM: CM5 9PY – you must approach from the South and leave towards the North. The road is extremely narrow. Turn left into Berwick Farm and turn left when you exit!

There will be a Photographer – ARDS Photographic and Hot Refreshments supplied by Mr Prentice!