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EHNPC Show Jumping Show (including Dengie Qualifier)

Brook Farm Training Centre, Stapleford Rd, Stapleford Abbotts, Essex. RM4 1EJ

Thursday 25th October 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our Half Term show jumping show held at Brook Farm last Thursday. The day ran smoothly, so well done all for being ready for your rounds in good time. Particularly Helen Bowcock-Smith who started the day promptly with her son Jack being the first competitor of the day!

There were many people who helped on the day so thank you very much to the team of pole pickers, especially Caroline Kenney who pole pickled the whole day, judges and commentator Roy & Mary Dale and Maria Cooper, Secretary Emma Good, Course Builder Geoff Quinlan, DC Diane Pegrum and last but my no means least, Charlotte Hall who kept everyone refreshed and ran errands. There were many others who helped on the day, so sorry if you haven’t got a mention, but it really is appreciated.

Well done to everyone who qualified for the Dengie Debut and Winter League competition, and good luck in the next rounds!

Results are as follows:

X Poles

Non Lead rein

1. Zara Bailey
2. Grace Clarke
3. Rocky Leahy
4. Jack Bowcock-Smith


Specials – Kiki Brennan, Georgina Haigh, Claudia Ingham


Lead Rein

1. Connor Callow
2. Jessica Butler
3. Isabella O’Callaghan



1. Maisie Butler
2. Leva Keenan
3. Georgina Haigh
4. Megan Callow
5. Flora Bray
6. Claudia Ingham
7. Kiki Brennan
8. Callie Burgess/Daisy Burgess






1. Amelia Hendy
2. Pippa Curran
3. Izzy Hornsby
4. Darcy Cooper
5. Sydney O’Callaghan
6. Maisie Butler
7. Flora Bray
8. Honie Dunn



1. Archie Gubb
2. James Coalco
3. Lola Dunn
4. Daisy Hart
5. Charlotte Mackley
6. Izzy Hornsby
7. Pippa Curran
8. Hannah Luesley


80cms – Debut

1. Archie Gubb Q
2. Adam Bloomfield Q
3. Harry Prideaux Q
4. Sophie Bell Q
5. Lottie Johns
6. Charlotte Mackley
7. Cami Hawes
8. Holly Nelmes-Faint

90cms –  Dengie Winter League

1. Sophie Coalco Q
2. Franki Jarvis Q
3. Sophie Bell Q
4. Tilly Galloway Q
5. Sydney Hockney
6. Lottie Johns
7. Harry Prideaux
8. Alexia Mackley




1. Alexia Mackley
2. Tilly Galloway
3. Sophie Gould
4. Sophie Curtis
5. Summer Wright
6. Sydney Hockney