Thursday May 26, 2022
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Geocache Challenge 2021

Geocaching with Essex Hunt North Pony Club Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation,  where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places. 

The goal is to find geocaches (containers) that are hidden at certain GPS coordinates 

1.Your parents will need to download the Geocaching app to their smart phone.  

Register for a FREE Basic membership on the app 

Create a user name and password 

Pick a good username! You will enter it in each logbook you find eg:JaneEHNPC 

2.Plan your walk/hack (If on horseback remember that horses should not be ridden on footpaths)  

You will need a smart phone and a pen 

Open the app and using the live map look for caches in your local area 

3. Click Navigate/Start on the app and begin walking towards your cache 

Follow the directions in the app  

Be Safe and look out for any hazards! – Remember your mask, gloves and hand sanitizing gel.  

When you get within 1 meter of the hidden cache you can start to search for it

The cache will vary from lunch box size to a small vial, and anything in between. 

Each cache has a Hint option in the app, which can help you if you’re having trouble finding it – look high and low – they are hidden very well!! 

4. When you have found your cache write your username on the paper record inside the cache 

Select Log on the app to register that you have found the cache. 

Write a message on the app if you like – but don’t give away the location of the cache! 

5. Report back and let us know how you get on! 

Join the EHNPC Geocache Challenge page. 

Tell us about your adventure and we’d love to see your photos. Try not to give away where you are!!

Tell us how many you find with your name and age! Each Geocache you find gets you 1 ticket to the Crafty Pony Prize Draw – closing date by 5pm Sunday 21st February

Where they easy or difficult to find? 

Any questions please contact Tiff on 07946 689885