Thursday May 26, 2022
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Handy Pony Fun Challenge

Handy Pony is a fun challenge where you and your pony negotiate obstacles. As part of our Handy Pony Challenge we would like you to design your own handy pony course, then build it and then ride it on your pony! Try to make your course as inventive and interesting as you can, using equipment you have at home or at the yard, there is no need for lots of fancy equipment, just have FUN!

Part 1:

Design your course –  Make a plan of your course on an A4 sheet of paper. Lots of colours and pictures please. In your course please include:

  • Bending / weaving through cones, poles, bean bags….
  • Transporting an object from one place to another
  • Two poles to make a bridge see how narrow you can make it. It could be a pirate bridge, a gang plank or a bridge to a magic kingdom! Make sure you don’t fall off!!

The rest of the course is up to you – We can’t wait to see your brightly coloured and labelled designs and what you have found hiding in the garage or shed to use in your course. 

Join the Facebook Group and post your designs please by 5pm Sunday 21st February.

Part 2:

Now to make your course a reality! Choose a safe area and follow your design to create your course. Give your pony a good brush, and a cuddle, tack up and go and practice the course. Then ask an assistant (Mum, Dad or Sister/Brother) to film you riding the course. 

You may like to ride in fancy dress, just make sure you have your riding hat and boots on.

Post your videos to the Facebook Group by 5pm Sunday 21st February. 

You can choose to do Part 1 and/or Part 2 – Include your name and age on your post.

Each entry for each part, gets you 1 ticket to the Crafty Pony Prize Draw!

There will be lots of rosettes awarded for various things for example:

  • Most inventive course
  • Neatest design
  • Quietest pony
  • Best dressed ( fancy dress maybe )
  • Cleanest pony
  • The funniest moment

And many more!

Have Fun! – any concerns or questions please do get in touch.

Nicola 07747 091635

Georgie 07740 858588