Tuesday May 30, 2023
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Ridden Training Videos

Some of our EHNPC instructors have been busy creating training videos for you and your ponies. These are ideal to give you some new exercises and inspiration for your schooling at home. Each instructor has chosen a different exercise to help work on different skills, all of them will help to improve your horse’s way of going.

The video’s will be uploaded to our Facebook and YouTube accounts, so keep an eye out on our FB page and YouTube for new exercises. If you would like some feedback from our coaching team send the relevant coach a video of you completing their exercises. Their details and preferred method of communication will be included in the post/web page. 

If you can not ride at the moment there is no rush, the videos will remain on our website and you can complete them at your leisure – I know our coaches will love to hear from you!

If you have any question please do contact me on email mackleysathome@yahoo.co.uk or call me 07740858588.

Happy schooling! Georgie x  


In the first of our series of training videos, let me introduce Jane Jarvis and her wonderful assistants Morgane and Barney. Some of our coaches have made short videos of exercises you can practice at home. If you would like feedback on your own session please send a video of you doing these exercises to Jane via FB Messenger and she will come back to you with some helpful tips. We hope you enjoy using these exercises as part of your regular training with your pony.  – Georgie x

Jane says:

“Those of you who come to Jump Training and I teach at rallies will know that the main theme of my sessions is ‘Pace and Line’,  or your jobs as I call them, and allowing your horse to do his job which is – ‘Jump’!  Here are a couple of easy exercises to help you improve your skills of riding on a line – accuracy is key and you get instant feedback as to whether you have been successful or not.  These exercises will help not only with your jumping but also improve your dressage test riding as being more accurate is an easy way to gain valuable marks!   

Hope you enjoy them and happy, accurate riding!🙂”