Saturday December 9, 2023
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Mini One Day Event 2019


Sunday 11th August 2019

Berwick Farm, Stanford Rivers, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9PY. This is a mini ODE with SJ and XC courses in enclosed arenas. The XC course will include a water element. Heights from 40cm to 60cm and includes a lead rein class.


Class 1      
Yasmin Reed Mac ** EHNPC 1
Lara Mildwater Monty EHNPC 2
Jack Mildwater Zephyr EHNPC 3
Connor Callow Misty EHNPC 4
Class 2      
Teddy Martin Betty EHNPC 1
Rocky Leahy Elfie ** EHNPC 2
Jessica Andow-Perry Mr Puddle Duck  East Essex  3
Annabel Bardrick Kinsgmead Rambler Essex & Suffolk 4
Isabella Moss Theo EHNPC 5
Class 3      
Caludia Ingham George EHNPC 1
Callie Burgess Malibu EHNPC 2
Maisie Butler Lola ** EHNPC 3
Tilly Vowles Casper EHNPC 4
Samantha Herring My Sweet Lord **   5
Georgina Haigh Birkinbrook Diplomat EHNPC 6
Annabel Bardrick Granville Essex & Suffolk 7
Lily Simpson Jack East Essex 8
Class 4 – Children      
Megan Callow Carriag Houdini EHNPC 1
Gracie Tyte Johnny Essex & Suffolk 2
Freya Ingham Marley ** EHNPC 3
Isabella Davis Ronswood Fancy That VAHPC 4
Cara Tuke Doon Winters Puckeridge Western 5
Poppy Davis Toby VAHPC 6
Daisy Burgess Treacle EHNPC 7
Class 4 – Adults      
Jane Milton Henry **   1
Holly Beckley Petra   2
Sue Silvester Silver   3
Sarah McNally Ella   4
Fay Giles Bondi Comet   5