Saturday December 9, 2023
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Pet Sense Achievement Badge

Week 8 activity

Complete the Pet Sense Quiz.

Week 7 activity

Continue your pet diary for at least 5 days.

Week 6 Activity
This week, find out about the natural life of your pet’s relatives in the wild and how you might allow for this in captivity. For example, wild rabbits enjoy digging so you’d give them a nice deep bed in their hutch and you’d give them some time to play on grass. Wild rabbits also enjoy the company of other rabbits so in captivity you’d keep your rabbit with a friend such as another rabbit or guinea pig.

Week 5
Continue your pet diaries for another 3 days. As well as including food, water and cleaning their home (if applicable) also include play, exercise and training (if applicable). 

Week 4 activity

This is the last week for the 7 years and under Mini badge members and half way for the 8 years + Big badge.
Last week we thought about our pet’s mental health, this week it’s time to think about their physical health. For both badges, this week’s activity is titled ‘I would take my pet to the vet if…’ You could write some information, make a poster or video yourself talking about when you’d take your pet to the vet or when you’ve needed to take them in the past. Just like with horses, there is some physical health/first aid that we might do ourselves, big badge members might like to include this also. Any questions please ask.

Week 3 activities

It’s really important to look after our pets mental health as well as their physical health. So, week 3 is all about our pet’s mood and their feelings. For both badges, keep a look out for when your pet feels anxious, excited or relaxed. What clues do they give about how they’re feeling and do you know why they’re feeling that way? You can present what you find out however you like, some ideas that you might like to do are to take photos of your pet’s different moods, make a video about them, make a poster or write some information about how they’re feeling and why.

Week 2 activities

Mini badge (age 7 years and under) – Make a video or take some photos of your child attending to the daily care of their pet. This should include feeding them, giving them fresh water and cleaning their pet’s home (if applicable). They could also make a poster showing the things their pet needs to keep them healthy, this is optional.

Big badge (8 years +) – Make a diary, for at least 3 days of this week, of the things you do to tend to your pets daily care needs. You should include what and when you feed them, when you give them fresh water and how and when you keep your pet’s home clean, comfortable and safe. You might like to use the following template or make one of your own.

Daily Pet Care Diary Template

Daily Pet Care Diary example

Week 1 activity

Make a video, take a photo or draw a picture and introduce your pet. Don’t forget to include their name, age, breed and how long they’ve been part of your family for. Post to the EHNPC Pet Sense Achievement Badge facebook page or email to