Saturday December 9, 2023
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Senior Training Camp

Unfortunately we cannot run Senior Camp this year in it’s usual format. Instead, we have been busy planning a non-residential Senior Training Camp. Below is more information on how this camp will run. Please read this information carefully including the Senior Training Camp Rules which can be found below.

A limited number of spaces will be open for bookings on Thursday 9th July via webcollect. EHNPC Webcollect

  • Senior Training Camp is for EHNPC members aged 11 -16 years (16 years on 1st January).

  • Senior Training Camp will run at Berwick over 3 days from Sunday 26th – Tuesday 28th July. Members must attend all 3 days.

  • Members will either attend training in the morning or afternoon. This will be the same each day, e.g 3 morning training sessions or 3 afternoon training sessions. You must be available for either mornings or afternoons as we cannot take time requests.

  • Members will receive dressage, show jumping and cross country training during the 3 days.

  • There will be a ridden ODE competition element to the camp, similar to our usual Senior Camp. The dressage test used will be PC90 Eventing 2013 which members need to learn before camp. PC90 Eventing 2013 Dressage Test

  • Parents will be required to stay with their transport while their child is with their instructor and must not congregate in groups with other parents in line with current government regulations. 

  • As with our usual camp, we have booked a photographer so you will be able to purchase camp photos online. 

  • Camp will finish with a Zoom Prize Giving on Wednesday 29th July at 6.30 pm.

  • As with all our camps, there will be rosettes all round!

  • The cost of Senior Training Camp will be £100.

As a Pony Club we have to operate at all times within the guidelines set by the Government and the British Equestrian Federation.


A great deal of work has gone on behind the scenes to enable us to run safely. We have had to redo every risk assessment and adapt all our activities so that they are COVID-SAFE within the government guidelines. This has taken many, many hours.  

Please don’t ask us to bend the rules. Anyone openly bending the rules or ignoring them will be quietly asked to leave.

Reminder of Government Guidelines

Stay alert

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. This means you must:

  • limit contact with other people
  • keep your distance (2 metres apart where possible)
  • wash your hands regularly

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

Rules for Senior Training Camp


Only one person from the same household should transport their child to Senior Training Camp. One parent can bring 2 of their own children. 2 adults from the same household can accompany 2 of their own children. This person or people ONLY can unload, assist,  tack up,  help the rider get onto the pony etc. This person or people then must stay on site all the time. Parents cannot assist a child from another household. 

No other spectators/additional family members are allowed.


Every child will be allocated a parking space and the lorries / trailers will be parked in rides to ensure that rides do not mix. Current recommendations are 10m apart if there is tying up allowed on both sides of your box. You should maintain social distancing from everyone other than those from your own household or bubble. Once your child is ready they must stay with their vehicle until their instructor comes to collect the ride.


Rides will be groups of 4 or 5 so that, including the coach, this makes a group with a maximum size of 6 people. Rides must stay away from each other and, within the rides, children must stay a safe distance from one another.


To comply with Pony Club rules, and to encourage the children’s independence like we would at Senior Camp, parent’s should then stay away from the ridden sessions by remaining in the parking area. You must maintain social distancing (2m apart) and ensure you are not in a group of more than 6 people. After the session you must leave promptly.



There are toilet facilities at Berwick but if your lorry has a loo, please use it. If you do use the facilities at Berwick you must use hand sanitiser before entering the toilets.


Dogs are allowed but must be on leads at all times.


Can I bring someone else’s pony?

If you are asked to transport someone else’s pony, the other member and their family must travel in their own vehicle with all their own equipment. You should not help tack up the other pony and you are not allowed to be the responsible adult for that child. They must have a parent with them who remains on site all the time.

Can I bring my other child?

No, it is important that we limit numbers at our events. If this causes an issue please contact Sarah Nelmes via email at

Can grandparents or other family members come to watch?

No, only one parent/adult will be allowed per Senior Training Camp member.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah via email at