Saturday December 9, 2023
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Summer Rallies 2020
We look forward to welcoming you to Berwick Farm for our third summer rally. Please read the instructions below – ALL OF THEM. We need to remain within the rules in order to be able to operate our rallies. Please remember it is one parent per child, maintain social distancing, one parent may watch, in accordance with the rules below. In the unassisted 2.5hr sessions in order to spectate you must remain away from the ride at all times, this is not just a COVID rule but also ensures the safety of your child as they then will be able to concentrate on their instructor. If parents cannot follow this guideline, we will, sadly, have to ask parents to return to their vehicles for the duration of the session. Finally please leave the site promptly at the end of your session.
Summer Rally 3 here we go! Below you will find all the information you need about the Rally and how it will run. Please ensure you read it thoroughly as things are quite different to how we’d usually run. The protocol used across all equestrian coaching events is:


Reminder of Government Guidelines

Stay alert

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. This means you must:

  • limit contact with other people

  • keep your distance (2 metres apart where possible)

  • wash your hands regularly

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

As per previously circulated rules, only one person from the same household should transport their child to the Summer Rallies. One parent can bring 2 of their own children. 2 adults from the same household can accompany 2 of their own children. This person or people ONLY can unload, assist, tack up, help the rider get onto the pony etc. This person or people then must stay on site all the time. Parents cannot assist a child from another household. 

No other spectators/additional family members are allowed.

Groups and Timings

We have tried very hard to accommodate all the timing requests but as it’s a military operation to sort out the groups and timings we haven’t not been able to accommodate all. Please only contact us if it is impossible for you to ride at your allocated time.

AM SESSIONS: Please aim NOT TO arrive before 9.30 am


Parking Line





Nancy Graylen

Emily O’Connor


Bridget Gooday

Abigail Purvis

Jessica wood



Alicia Wilkinson

Jaime Mangan

Maisie Butler*

Georgina Haigh*

Oscar Quartly



Daisy Adamson

Ottilie Willis*

Chessie Dymond*

Amber Snell

Flora Bray



Jane Jarvis

Kamarai Williams

Charlie heapy

Hebe Willis*

Imogen Pohl

Millie Dymond*



Charlotte Pegrum

Cooper Rich

Mia Littlejohn



Charlotte Pegrum

Angus Haigh*

Florence Hoyle



Charlotte Pegrum

Evie parrish

Lara Mildwater

Freddy Parrish



Nicky Butler

Jack Mildwater

Jessica Butler*

Charlotte Burt



Parking Line





Alicia Wilkinson

Abi Fitchett Brown

Tilly Vowles

Barnaby Adler

Darcy Cooper

Leah Lawson



Daisy Adamson

Rocky leahy

Paige Taylor

Isabelle Ireland



Nancy Graylen

Isabella Moss

Ollie Rowbotham

Kiki Flower*

Lily Ottaway

Nancy Millar



Jane Jarvis

Ciara Gunn

Tilly Galloway

Hannah Luesley



Charlotte Pegrum

Lola Flower*

Chloe Pellen



Charlotte Pegrum

Maggie Flower*

Emily Pellen

*  If you have two children in different rides, please park in whichever of your allocated bays has the smallest number of riders and meet your instructor at the designated parking line.


When you arrive you please park in the line allocated to you. They are numbered 1 – 8, 1 is at the top nearest the gate and 8 at the bottom nearest the barns.

You will be parked with the rest of your ride. As we need to maintain social distancing and keep to small groups, please stay with your vehicle until your EHNPC Instructor comes to collect your ride, therefore you must ensure that you are tacked up and ready to ride on time – please be tacked up for jumping and your parent / helper can carry a body protector and a drink for the riders. 

During the Rally

Parents must maintain social distancing (2m apart) and ensure they are not in a group of more than 6 people. 

You can spectate but you must keep at least 10 m away from the lesson group. You must not interact with either the coach or the children unless there is an emergency or you are asked to by either the instructor or PC official (for example, to hand over a drink or body protector). On the xc course you MUST stay well behind and away from the group. Please help us by abiding this – we will ask you to go back to the car park if these government rules are not followed. After the session you must leave promptly.

What to wear

All riders need to be dressed for an EHNPC Rally:

  • Shirt and Tie/Navy Polo/ EHNPC or plain white or navy base layer – 

  • Beige or plain dark coloured jods

  • Simple tack, no bling, with a White, Navy, Black or Brown Numnah or an EHNPC one

  • Hats – hat tagged, no fixed peak – Plain Navy/Black Cover

  • Hairnets for long hair

  • No jewellery


BODY PROTECTORS are recommended for all jumping activities but must be worn for XC.


Tack and Turnout

There is a Tack and Turnout competition that runs across all the 4 Summer Rallies. Tack and turnout of horse/pony and rider will be judged socially distanced by our instructors. They are a sharp eyed bunch and will almost certainly spot any piece of uncleaned tack or hair out of place, even at a distance of 2 metres!   

Finally, we are all really looking forward to seeing you and we hope you have a great time!

If you have any questions please contact Tiff or Georgie.

Kind regards

Summer Rally Team


Can I bring someone else’s pony?

If you are asked to transport someone else’s pony, the other member and their family must travel in their own vehicle with all their own equipment. You should not help tack up the other pony and you are not allowed to be the responsible adult for that child. They must have a parent with them who remains on site all the time.

Can I bring my other child?

No, it is important that we limit numbers at our events. If this causes an issue please contact Georgie Mackley via email at

Can grandparents or other family members come to watch?

No, only one parent/adult will be allowed per Rally member.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed but must be on leads at all times.

Are there toilet facilities at Berwick?

There are toilet facilities at Berwick but if your lorry has a loo, please use it. If you do use the facilities at Berwick you must use hand sanitiser before entering the toilets and ensure that there is only one person in the toilet block at a time.