Saturday December 9, 2023
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Virtual Junior Camp

Welcome to the Virtual Junior Camp Page

This page has all the resources that you need to help your child enjoy next week’s activities!

Please also keep an eye on the Facebook Group page as lots will get posted there too.


Junior Campers Instructions 2020 


Please make sure you have joined the group. Virtual Junior Camp Facebook Group


To join the Zoom meeting, simply launch Zoom and then type in the Meeting Id 825 4672 4587, the password is 173289. We’ll see you there!


GG Gear are doing Virtual Junior Camp polos and hoodies. They will do everything they can to get them out in time for next week, but can’t make any guarantees. They will be a nice souvenir anyway!! I’ve ordered mine! 😊. Search for EHNPC from the home page.


Junior Camp Dressage Tests 2020

5 and Under Dressage Test Video

6 – 8 Dressage Test Video

9 and Over Dressage Test Video


Jumping Demo Video


Mini Achievement Camping Badge


To gain this badge, please read the syllabus.

Task 1 is to draw a poster to show the key do’s and don’ts from the syllabus. Please then post a photo of the poster to the Facebook page.

Task 2 please take a couple of photos of your child helping to put up your tent and of them snuggled up in their tent! Then post them to the group Facebook page.

Mini Achievement Badge – Wildflowers

To gain this badge please do the following, there are 2 options for this badge the first is where you go and identify and photograph a list of flowers the other is a worksheet.  Please send completed posters or workbooks to Georgie either by email or by message or 07740 858588.

Option 1 (the most fun!)

Explore outside and find the following wildflowers: 

  1. Red Campion
  2. Buttercup
  3. Foxglove
  4. Forget-me-not
  5. Clover
  6. Thistle

Then put together a poster showing all of the flowers labelled with the correct name. Drawings or photographs. Also, add a sentence answering – why are wildflowers important?

Option 2 (a bit easier for our younger Campers!)

Please complete this workbook! Wildflowers Badge Workbook


This will be live on our Virtual Camp Facebook page at 6pm on Monday. You will be put into teams. You will need to have a helper to write down your answers as you will be marking them yourselves. There are 3 rounds and at the end you will then send the total score from all 3 rounds to Diane by Whats App 07890 919558. Good luck!!

PRIZEGIVING N.B. CHANGE OF PLAN!!! Due to the loveliness of this morning we think we should do Prizegiving on Zoom

2PM on Zoom! Not Facebook as previously said!

Have fun and do let us know if we can help. 

Georgie, Di and Oriel are happy to be messaged or telephoned throughout the 3 days. 

Georgie 07740 858588‬

Di ‭07890 919558

Oriel 07973 115193