Tuesday March 19, 2019
AGM Thanks

A huge thanks to all those that took time out to attend our AGM on Sunday 5th March, it was a cold and wet afternoon but many friendly faces soon warmed the village hall.

A summary of the awards given are as follows :

Recognition for representing our Pony Club at Championships, Gosling Cup, Bloom Cup and Grassroots Dressage.

Novice Dressage Area Teams that went to Championships

A Team – 5th                                                  B Team – 12th

Rosie Bates won her Arena                             Abbie Rose-Horne  18th

Annie Dines 23rd                                              Lauren Booth – 7th

Maisie Grover 4th                                            Laura Edwards – 12th

Emma Philpot 16th                                           Molly Whiteford – 12th 

Individual Intermediate Eventing Championships

Maisie Grover – 8th

Grassroots Dressage Championships at Keyso

A team – 9th

Sophie Philpot                                     Robyn Moody

Daisy Watson                                       Georgia Davis

Scarlet Lloyd (5th)                               Zara Rose-Horne

Hannah Argent                                    Charlotte Freeman

Gosling Cup

A Team  3rd  T&T 6th  Team Ride 1st          B Team

Sammy Moody (1st)                                        Georgia Davis

Jessica Richardson (2nd)                                  Thomas Philpot

Emma Philpot (3rd)                                          Freya Cox

Lauren Booth                                                  Tianna Patterson


Bloom Cup

Senior Team                                                  Junior Team 2nd

Emma Philpot (6th & 1st)                                 Sophie Philpot (2nd)

Annie Dines (6th)                                            Sophie Hughes  (1st)

Thomas Philpot                                               Molly Whiteford

Sammy Moody                                               Freya Cox


Interbranch Team Show Jumping at Soham Shield.

Calvert Cup –Thomas Philpot double clear.

Branch Show Cups:

Lead Rein

Handy Mount – Kiera Bennett

Show Jumping – Harry Johns 

10 & Under

T&T                            Lucy Croker – Billy

WH                             Grace Whiteford – Charlie

Nov SJ                        Anya Beadle – Secret

Int SJ                           Sophie Philpot – Totally Amazing Toto

Open SJ                      Sophie Philpot – Totally Amazing Toto

Handy Mount  Sophie Philpot – Totally Amazing Toto


T&T                            Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

WH                             Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

Nov SJ                                    Sophie Hughes – Fernhill Quick Silver

Int SJ                           Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

Open SJ                      Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

Handy Mount              Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man


T&T                            Abbie Rose-Horne – Quintessential Lad

WH                             Annie Dines – Treasure II

Nov SJ                                    Sammy Moody – Dot 2 Dot

Int SJ                           Laura Edwards – Victorio III

Open SJ                      Laura Edwards – Victorio III

Handy Pony                Thomas Philpot – Prince of Donard

 ODE Cups 2016

Novice                         Sophie Hughes

Intermediate              No Winner

Open                           Emma Philpot

Hunter Trial Cups 2016

10 & under                Ruby Miller

Novice Pony               Tianna Patterson – Sambucca Gold

Int. Pony                    Tianna Patterson – Clancool Darkie

Open Pony                 Lauren Booth – Pete

Novice Horse              No Winner

Int. Horse                   Rosie Bates – Plain Sailing

Open Horse                No Winner

Branch Show 2016

Lead Rein                  Champ: Lucy Croker – Billy

                                    Reserve: Kiera Bennett – Pickles

10 & under                Champ: Sophie Philpot – Totally Amazing Toto

                                    Reserve: Zara Rose-Horne – Sweet Melody

Junior                         Champ: Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

Reserve:                Tianna Patterson – Clancool Darkie

Senior                         Champ: Thomas Philpot – Prince of Donard

Reserve: Abbie Rose-Horne – Quintessential Lad

Rally Shield 2016:     Rosie Bates

Branch Championship 2016

1st        Sophie Philpot – Totally Amazing Toto

2nd       Emma Philpot – Mocklershill Man

3rd        Thomas Philpot – Prince of Donard