Friday April 19, 2019
Wanted  – Riders for the Pony Club Challenge

Would you and your Pony like to be part of two Teams EUHPC are entering into the Pony Club Challenge at The Essex Young Farmers Show on Sunday 21st May.

The Challenge is to demonstrate how versatile Riders and Ponies are at performing different tasks as quickly and precisely as possible in order to complete in the quickest time. You will be riding in the show Equine Arena (so Pony must be happy to be ridden in an open area in front of an audience) You will be required to dismount and mount from the floor (with someone holding pony if required) jump a small course 70/75cm, trotting/bending poles, various Gymkhana obstacles eg flags, bean bags, stepping stones etc.

If you would like to be considered then please email Nicky Dines at