Show Jumping

Mrs Emma Whiteford 

Showjumping training will be held with generous use of Nortons indoor Arena during Winter and Spring this year.

There will be three training sessions and then a ride off when the teams will be chosen. After this the training will be for the team members.

Area Show Jumping Competition

The Area 8 Showjumping competition is run at three levels: 90, 100 and 1.10, in the first rounds.  The format is as follows:

  1. All competitors jump in the first two rounds. These rounds may not be in the same ring.
  2. All double clear rounds jump off for individual placings.
  3. Teams jump off for Championship Qualification places.  These jump offs may not be in the same ring.

The Area 8 Showjumping competition will be held on _______.  More details to be confirmed.

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