Wednesday September 22, 2021

Sophie Sheldon
07968 836706

Please click here to download the 2020 membership form – Membership-Form-2020

This form is for new and existing members.

Please send completed membership forms to The Pony Club Central Office:

Post to: Membership Team, The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW 


Email a scanned copy to:

Membership for non-riding members – this was introduced in 2019 and enables non-riding members to take part in events such as Triathlon, Pony Club Quiz, Non Riding Achievement badge rallies, Horse and Pony Care Competitions etc. at a reduced rate.

Membership Payment

All membership payments should now be paid directly to The Pony Club 

Payments can be made via:

  • Cheque – made payable to ‘The Pony Club’
  • Card Payment (Call Pony Club head office on 02476 698300 to make a membership card payment)

We are delighted to be able to say that unlike many Branches, we have decided not to charge a Branch Fee on top of the Membership Fees – therefore, the only fees we ask our members to pay are those imposed upon us by Headquarters.

Important Changes to Membership Structure in 2020

From 1st January 2020, branch membership changed to a 12 month rolling membership. This means that, for example, a new member joining on 10th January 2020 would be due for renewal on 9th January 2021, or a member joining on 20th June 2020 would be due for renewal on 19th June 2021.

Please also note the following points:

  • Members can renew up to 3 months before expiry to ensure there is no break in membership, e.g. a member due for renewal on 31st January 2020 can renew anytime in January, in which case their subscription would run from 1st February 2020 – 31st January 2021.
  • If a member doesn’t renew before their expiry date, they will need to renew before they can attend any Pony Club activities, e.g. if a member was due to renew on 31st January and didn’t renew until 15th February, they would not be able to attend any Pony Club activities from 1st – 14th Feb. In this case their subscription would run from 15th Feb 2020 – 14th Feb 2021.

GIFT AID – please complete the gift aid form as this gives us extra money as a Branch without costing you anything more.

We have been delighted with the hugely positive response from our Members in 2020 – your Gift Aid contributions made a significant difference to us as a Branch and have helped to ensure that we do not need to charge a Branch Fee for 2021, thank you!

FURTHER INFORMATION – do take time to have a look around the Pony Club website at where there is lots of useful info and plenty of fun stuff too.

In particular, you may find the following pages useful:

Information for Parents –

Membership benefits –

Insurance –

AND FINALLY – never be afraid to ask if you have any queries. We are a friendly branch and all our parents were new to the Pony Club once so are always happy to chat and help. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with Sophie Sheldon – or 07968 836 706 – always delighted to hear from you.