News | 25 March 2024

2024 Rule Updates

We seek to highlight below some of the key rules and rule changes for 2024, together with a change relating to jodhpur colours. Links to the published rules are below (This does not cover all of the rule changes for this year – please do check the relevant rulebook for each discipline for that ):


Hat Rule 2024

Please note that fixed peak hats are NOT permitted for ANY cross-country riding, including eventing, tetrathlon and hunter trials, together with pony racing, whether in tests, rallies, competition or training AT ANY HEIGHT


Body Protector Rule 2024


Vaccination Rule 2024

Please be aware that the vaccination rule applies to all Pony Club activities – training, rallies and competitions.

Whilst the 2024 Rule stipulates boosters to have been undertaken at a maximum of 12 month intervals, please be mindful that:

👀 this is a minimum requirement;

👀 other equestrian bodies and / or venues may have different requirements;

👀 no horse or pony may attend any Pony Club activity within 7 days of receiving any vaccination.


So please do check carefully.


Jodhpur colours – The topic of colours worn in sport has been at the forefront of discussion in recent months. Many sports have chosen to alter the colours worn by athletes from light to darker colours for a multitude of reasons.

The Pony Club have adopted similar alterations, however, it is NOT a change of the rule, it is an OPTION for riders to have the choice what they wear. (Please refer to the individual rule books for the FULL wording on the rules for each discipline).

Eventing is giving riders the option to wear dark or muted coloured jodhpurs of a single solid colour. The usual light colours with dark contrast seats are also permitted. White, beige and cream jodhpurs are still preferred for the dressage phase at Area, Regional and Championship competitions, but individuals do have the choice now.


We will continue to welcome riders in plain, dark coloured jodhpurs for all rallies and training, as we have done as a Branch, for some time now.


In addition to the rules / changes highlighted above which apply to all aspects of Pony Club (whether training, rallies or competitions), there are also a number of Rule changes in each discipline this year – so again, please do check the rulebook very carefully for any discipline you are interested in.


Please do feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions – we will always try and help. 🙌