Tuesday February 19, 2019
Forgandenny PC Open One Day Event 28th April 2019

Our PC Open ODE in 2019 will again be at Forgandenny, with grateful thanks to Douglas Edwards. More details will follow in the New Year. 

We were proud to host some of the great event riders – and horses – at our 2018 ODE. Olivia and Louisa will be familiar to many. These inspiring women  compete at the highest level in our sport, and were of course also originally Pony Club Members, Louisa in Fife! How brilliant also to see Patris Filius,  ridden by Ailie Haddows, who competed 10 years ago at Badminton with Olivia.

Photos are courtesy of Adrian Sinclair.

Olivia Wilmot

Olivia Wilmot

Louisa Milne Home

Louisa Milne Home


Ailie Haddows riding Patris Filius ( putting his previous Badminton experience to good use!).




2 of our many volunteers!


Lovely Sean, on his first ODE outing with Holly, having a great day

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time to make our one day event run so smoothly and professionally. About 100 volunteers helped in the run up to and today.
Thank you also to the trade stands, farrier, vets, paramedics, judges, cadets, bakers, and to all the competitors for supporting us today.
The biggest thanks goes to Douglas Edwards and David Wilson for an amazing venue and fantastic course.
The results for the day are here : .Forgandenny results 2018