Monday July 13, 2020
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Rules of Pony Club, Health and Safety, Balcormo Field rules
Rules of the Pony Club / Health & Safety

We try to make our rallies, camp and events as much fun as possible, but equestrianism can be a dangerous activity and accidents do happen.  To make things as safe as possible for everybody concerned we ask that our Branch members abide by the following rules.

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Members must wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards listed under the current Pony Club Hat Rule. Hats must be checked and tagged by Fiona Morrison (or another approved person advised by the Club) before riding at any PC event, including rallies.


Body Protectors must be worn for all cross country riding whether it be training or competing and be the standard stated in the current Pony Club Body Protector Rule.


Medical Armbands are recommended at all times, including hacking on roads, and are compulsory for all cross-country riding – competitions and rallies and for endurance rides.


  • When mounted at Pony Club activities, members should wear a riding jacket or Branch sweatshirt, Beige, cream, navy or black jodhpurs, a suitable plain-coloured shirt with a collar and The Pony Club tie.
  • Only standard riding or jodhpur boots (black or brown) with a fairly smooth, thin sole and a well defined square cut heel may be worn.
  • Plain black or brown half chaps may be worn with jodhpur boots of the same colour. Tassels and fringes are not allowed. No other footwear will be allowed.
  • Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots. They must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot. There is a tendency for manufacturers to put a treaded sole on riding boots. These will significantly increase the risk of the foot becoming trapped in the stirrup in a fall which could result in serious injury. In the interests of safety, Wellington boots, “Muckers”, or trainers MUST NOT be worn. Boots and stirrups with interlocking treads are not permitted, nor are the boots or treads individually.
  • New clothing is not expected, but what is worn must be clean, neat and tidy. Jeans should not be worn when mounted except when specifically allowed by certain disciplines. Polo shirts in Branch colours are allowed to be worn at rallies and at camp, however long sleeves should be worn for all jumping activities.
  • Hair should be contained in a hair net.
  • Gloves to be black, brown, navy or cream.
  • If the weather is bad, a Branch jacket or other plain, dark coloured waterproof jacket should be worn.
  • Absolutely no hoodies to be worn when mounted.


No jewellery is allowed for safety reasons, other than a wristwatch, a wedding ring, a stock pin worn horizontally or a tie clip. It is recommended that stock pins are removed for cross country. Members who are contemplating piercing their ears or any other part of their body should be aware that they will not be allowed to participate in any Pony Club mounted equestrian activities until such time as the “sleepers” can safely be removed. The reason for this is that sleepers have in the past caused injuries following falls.


Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events with the permission of the District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor. Members without the B Test should carry proof of this permission. Only blunt spurs, without rowels or sharp edges, may be worn. If the spurs are curved, the curve must be downwards and the shank must point straight to the back and not exceed 3.5cm in length. Sharp spurs may not be worn. Spurs that have a smooth rotating ball on the shank are permitted. The measurement is taken from the heel of the boot to the end of the shank.


Tack should be clean and in good condition – no loose stitching and be a good fit.  Martingales require rein stops and a stop where the martingale meets the neck strap.  Reins must not be so long that they hang in a loop near the rider’s foot.  Freejump Stirrups are NOT permitted.


As a club we are extremely lucky to have the use of the field at Balcormo. It is with thanks to the Gilmour Family that we are allowed to use this facility, but there are a few things that we need to adhere to. Please see these rules Pony Club Field Safety.


Horses / ponies MUST NOT be left unattended when tied up outside your trailer / lorry.

Horses / ponies MUST NOT be ridden in any area designated as a vehicle park.

Hay nets are NOT to be tied up outside trailers / lorries.

All dung, rubbish, etc must be removed from the venue upon departure.

Beware of pushchairs, small children and other people who may not be able to move out of a horse’s way quickly.

Small children should be supervised at all times.

Dogs, if permitted at the venue, must be kept on short leads.

REMEMBER, horses and ponies are unpredictable animals and every care must be taken to be responsible at Pony Club events.