Sunday May 26, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has booked into this Thursday’s 23 May Club Night at Balcormo.

Times are as follows. List of rides will be available on the night and can be found pinned onto the side of the club house.

Should you have any queries or are unable to make it, please let me know on 07976 919694.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks

Kath Davis

Games and Junior Team Practise – 6-7pm
Florence Cheape
George Cheape
Johnnie Cheape
Rachel Coggle
Eilidh Bodger
Evie Clark
Lucy Beattie
Emily Logan
Anna Brown
Jessica Bodger

Games Senior Team 7-8pm
Bubble Pratt
Poppy Pratt
Sophie Brown
Jessica Bodger
Anna Brown
Elliot Stockwell
Murray Parsons
Archie Parsons

6-7pm Lessons
Hannah Stewart
Amy Drummond
Ava Weir
Neve Weir
Katie Drummond
Kenzie Clunie
Heidi Meldrum

7-8pm Lessons
Ruby Melville
Anna Casasola
Rachael Davis
Tara Stockwell
Ava Miles
Anna Wallace
Serena Watson
Kenzie Clunie
Hannah Alexander
Charlotte Fisher
Faye Thomson
Melissa Alexander
Beth Cassasola