Saturday July 20, 2019
Thank you to everyone who has booked in to this Thursday’s 18 July Club Night at Balcormo.
Times are as follows. Lists of rides (flat work or jumping) will be available on the night and can be found pinned on to the side of the club house.
Should you have any queries or are unable to make it, please let Kath know as soon as possible on 07976 919694.
6-7pm Lessons
Alesha Murison
Heidi Meldrum
Ruby Meldrum
Freya Watson
Zannah Stewart
7-8pm Lessons Badges
Anna Marshall Alesha Murison
Maisie Price Zannah Stewart
Ottilie Price
Ishbel Maclennan
Afton Learmonth
Hannah Alexander
Melissa Alexander
6-7pm Games 7-8pm Games – Teams
Anna Marshall Lucy Beatie
Eilidh Bodger Murray Parsons
Afton Learmonth Archie Parsons
Jessica Bodger
Evie Clark
Anna Brown
Emily Logan