Monday February 6, 2023
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AWARD WINNERS 2021 (presented January 2022)

Mini Girl:                                                     Tabitha Elliott     

Mini Boy:                                                     Freddie Moat


Mini                                                             Arabella Bentley

Junior:                                                         Maisey Hull         

Intermediate:                                                Henry Hill 

Senior:                                                         Maddie Kirk                 


Lead Rein:                                                   Lucy Stanley

Mini:                                                            Tilly Wainwright

Junior:                                                         Tommy Gee                           

Intermediate:                                             Olivia Webster-Brawn  

Senior:                                                         Tom Wagstaffe

Newcomer:                                                 Archie Stenson


Senior DC’s Award:                                     Emily Simpson

Junior DC’s Award:                                     Betsy Campbell

Special Award for Stickability and improvement:    Zara Walker

Team Award:                                               Pippa Moore

PC Pony:                                                     Vinnie (Elliot)

Hunt Cup:                                                    Tilly Rearden

Skye Trophy:                                               Tom Wagstaffe

Clare Wright Trophy: Maddie Fisher (awarded for ‘Most Improved Confidence on the Hunting Field’)

Aran Trophy:        Annabel Finston  (qualified for Intermediate Champs on two horses, won her section at the Champs on one horse and third on the other).


Senior Girl:                                        Lana Hayes

Senior Boy:                                         James Wagstaffe      

Junior Girl:                                        Pippa Moore

Junior Boy:                                        Tom Wagstaffe

Mini Boy:                                           Joseph Hill

Mini Girl:                                          Maisey Hull & Miranda Hill

Mini Triathlete:                               Henry Simpson

Tadpole Boy (mini mini):             

Tadpole Girl (mini mini):              Millie Blair   

Beanie Boy:                                       Noah Campbell

Beanie Girl:                                       Jos Chapman

Best Newcomer:                              Tilly Wainwright 

Most Improved:                               Emily Simpson