Sunday May 16, 2021
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Winter Series Show Jumping (formerly Dengie)
The Pony Club Winter Show Jumping has become a rite of passage for talented grassroots riders, with many of the success stories going on to feature at The Pony Club Championships in the summer months.

The competition has evolved and grown since its inception in 1995 as the Winter League Show Jumping Championships. 2006 saw the addition of the Open level of Show Jumping.

3 levels of Jumping – Debut (80 in Preliminary rounds), Winter league (90 in Preliminary rounds) and Open Grand Prix (no Prelim rounds).

There are three stages to this competition: Prelim Rounds which are held throughout the country. The first four will be awarded rosettes and qualify to go forward to one of 19 Area Competitions. You must attend your own Area Competition. The Open competition has no Prelim Rounds involved, members qualify by competing at an Area competition where the first three qualify for the Championships.

PC Winter Series 2020 SJ results

Championships – Arena UK 4th & 5th of April 2020

Winter series SJ rulebook –

Pony Club 2019 SJ rulebook (watch for 2020 when available) –

Again, please read the rulebooks carefully (as with dressage, competing at the Area ‘Winter League’ competition renders a combination ineligible to compete at Regional (80) level in the summer qualifiers).


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