Saturday December 2, 2023
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Pony club insurance – what is it? Every member of the pony club is covered by The Pony Club 3rd Party Liability insurance, which provides cover if you are held liable for an injury to a third party or damage to property owned by a third party. Insurance for horse and pony owners is at a more extensive level due to the increased level of risk, and this is reflected partly in the membership fee, and applies 24×7 whether the pony is in the field, hacking, training or competing as part of The Pony Club. Personal Accident insurance is not part of TPC offering currently. For further details please check the website:

Membership and renewal options You can now renew membership via the membership portal at  . If you are an existing parent/member with a current membership you should receive a custom email invite which will enable you to set up your password – if you‘ve not had one please contact . If you are new to the pony club, you can Create an Account by clicking on the link.