Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Membership Form for new / renewing members –   2019_Branch_Membership_Form_v3



It is mandatory for all Members to wear an approved protective helmet, with the chinstrap done up when mounted, at all Pony Club activities. All hats must be tagged by the branch, using the current official Pony Club tag. Replacement hats must be tagged before being worn at a rally. Tagging confirms that the hat reaches the current safety standards required by The Pony Club. It is the responsibility of the Member’s parent or guardian to ensure the fit and condition of the Member’s hat.

Updated April 2018 : Please ensure that all riding hats comply with the Pony Club standards and are tagged with a 2018 AQUAMARINE hat tag for all pony club activities. Jo Lee or Sue Binns can tag any hats that haven’t been done so yet. For more detailed information see http://www.pcuk.org/uploads/Hat_Rule_2018_FINAL.pdf
Hats should be worn properly secured, when mounted and at prize-giving. Hat covers for Dressage, Show Jumping and Mounted Games are only permitted in black or navy blue. For cross country silks may be any colour. Branches may have specific cross country silk colours for their team activities. Hats with vertical plastic/metallic strips are permitted. Long hair must be secured.
Ties & Stocks

Members should wear the approved Pony Club tie whenever attending a Pony Club activity. Some branches have their own historic tie. For Members over the age of 18 years there is a plain navy blue tie. Alternatively, a plain white or cream stock may be worn with a black or navy riding jacket; a coloured stock should be worn with a tweed hacking jacket.


The official metal Pony Club Membership Badge must be worn at all Pony Club acitivites when a jacket is worn. It is courteous to display a Pony Club badge when out hunting. A coloured disc of felt indicating the current test standard achieved by the Member should be displayed under the metal badge. Cloth achievement badges should be sewn onto the Branch sweatshirt.

Body Protectors

Body protectors are compulsory for all Cross Country and Pony Racing activities, and as a Branch we prefer to see them used at all times when mounted. Body protectors must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard, and carry this label: http://branches.pcuk.org/area8/files/2015/04/BETA-2009-Body-Protector-standard-127×300.jpg