Saturday August 13, 2022
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Grove Hunt Pony Club Website

Join us on our Facebook page, just search Grove Hunt Pony Club


For Our Members we Also Have A Facebook – Grove Hunt Pony Club Members Only Group – This is the best way to keep upto date and is where you will find lesson times.


 The best way to find out about pony club is through the Pony Club Website where all the information / rules / competitions and memberships are made.

The Pony Club (


To access training for Grove PC this is done through the ‘grove on line bookings  tab which tells you all the rallies and events coming up for grove members.


Grove is part of Area 6 Pony Club – The Area 6 Webpage and Facebook page is also a good sources of information about what is coming up in our area.


AREA 6 ( /(2) Pony Club Area 6 Branch Members | Facebook


A bit about ourselves-

The Grove Hunt PC has around 100 members ranging from 2 – 25 years of age.  The Grove Hunt area covers some 30 miles east to west and 40 miles north to south in North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.  It is bordered by the Trent to the East and the M1 to the West and extends from Newark to South Yorkshire, Tickhill area.

Our local hunt is the Grove & Rufford Hunt our local Bloodhounds are please see separate websites.